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2017 Stockholm (Sweden)


May 21

Plenary Opening Ceremony

May 22

Plenary Opening Symposium

Poster presentation

Short Communications A1

Short Communications A2

Short Communications B1

Short Communications B2

Short Communications C1

Short Communications E1

Short Communications E2

Symposium A1: The emerging discipline of Quantitative Systems Pharmacology (QSP): combining PKPD and Systems Biology

Symposium B1: Towards understanding compound disposition at ever higher spatial resolution by label free methods

Symposium C1: Innovative Production Technologies for Biologics

Symposium D1: New approaches of regulating innovative medicines

Symposium E1: Clinical Implementation of Precision Medicine: From genomewide discovery to practice 

Symposium T1: Integrated Development of New Therapeutics for Global Health

May 23

Keynote 1: Tissue-based protein profiles - implications for human biology, drug development and precision medicine

Keynote 2: Education & Training in the pharmaceutical sciences

Keynote 3: Genomewide Studies Reveal Transporters as Determinants of Drug Action and Toxicity

Keynote 4 - Ensuring public healthcare quality through pharmacopeia standards and related programs

Presentation IMS Report

Short Communications A3

Short Communications B3

Short Communications C2

Short Communications D1

Short Communications E2

Short Communications T1

Symposium A2: Systems approaches to modeling the contribution of transporters in drug disposition, response and toxicity

Symposium A3: Systems approaches in drug discovery & Design

Symposium B2: Drug targeting: principles and products for precision medicine

Symposium B3: Lipid-Based and Lipid-Associated Drug Delivery - how to make lipophilic targets orally attractable

Symposium C2: Continuous Manufacturing – the “holy grail” for pharmaceutical products?

Symposium C3: Manufacturing Concepts for Individualised Therapies

Symposium D2: Data quality, robustness and relevance in pre

Symposium D3: Benefit-risk planning through the product life cycle

Symposium E2: Impact of Pharmacy Practice Research on patient outcomes

Symposium E3: Medicines for the real life population: the science of extrapolation

Symposium T2: Putting open innovation into practice –case studies from Europe's Innovative Medicines Initiative

Symposium T3: Education & Training of the Future Pharmaceutical Sciences Workforce

May 24

Keynote 5: Adherence, in drug development and usage

Symposium A4: Systems pharmacology –innovative approaches to drug safety

Symposium B4: Oral absorption of biopharmaceuticals revisited

Symposium C4: Responsible Supply Chains to Assure Global Health

Symposium D4: Non-Biological-Complex-Drugs

Symposium E4: Big data, real world evidence and regulatory science

Symposium T4: Infectious Diseases: the battle we will win


Track A: Drug design, fundamental & translational sciences

Track B: Drug delivery & targeting sciences

Track C: Formulation & manufacturing sciences

Track D: Regulatory sciences

Track E: Science-based practice

Track T: Education & Training


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