FIP Awards: recognition for Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical individuals

FIP believes it is of utmost importance to support and recognise individuals who, through their vision and commitment to their profession, are making outstanding contributions to the fields of pharmacy practice and pharmaceutical sciences. As such, each year we honour those who have demonstrated commendable work and dedication in areas which parallel our overall mission of advancing pharmacy practice, science and education for the betterment of global health.

Most awardees are announced at the annual FIP World Congress of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences.  Awards  fall into the following categories:

Past awards


Service to FIP Science Practice Membership organisations

Honorary President

Honorary Member

Joseph A. Oddis Award for

Distinguished Service Award

Exceptional Service to FIP

FIP Presidential Citation

FIP Fellow

Høst Madsen Medal

FIP Distinguished Science Award

André Bédat Award

Distinguished Practice Award


Health Promotion Campaign Award

Pharmacy Practice Improvement Programme Award


Honorary President
The FIP Council, on the proposal of the FIP Bureau, may award the title of “Honorary President” to former FIP presidents who have given exceptional service (FIP Statutes, Art.8.1). The title bestows honorary lifelong membership to FIP. Honorary presidents may attend Council Meetings but have no voting rights.

Honorary presidents
2014 Prof. Kamal K. Midha (Canada)
2002 Dr Dieter Steinbach (Germany)
1994 Dr Joseph A. Oddis (USA)


Prof. Kamal K. Midha (left) receives the Honorary President title from Michel Buchmann


Honorary Lifelong Membership
The FIP Bureau may award the title of “Honorary Member”, to persons who have rendered significant service to FIP. The award will be made to persons who are not eligible to be individual members of FIP. The award will be reserved for exceptional persons, and it is anticipated that it will not be awarded frequently.

FIP Rules of Procedure for Honorary Membership

Honorary members
2012 Prof. Leslie Z. Benet (USA)
2011 Prof. Tsuneji Nagai (Japan)
2010 Dr John A. Gans (USA)
2000 Mr George B. Griffenhagen (USA)
2000 Dr Jo Eirik Asvall (Norway)
1999 Dr Lars-Einar Fryklöf (Sweden)
1998 Professor Patrick F. d’Arcy (United Kingdom)
1998 Professor Jacobus Polderman (The Netherlands)
1998 Ms Agathe Wehrli (Switzerland)
1997 Mr A. Scales (Canada)
1996 Dr J. Kohlberg (Israel)
1996 Dr Kok (The Netherlands)

Prof. Leslie Benet received FIP's Honorary Lifelong Membership in 2012

Joseph A. Oddis Award for Exceptional Service to FIP
The purpose of the Joseph A. Oddis award is to recognise officers of FIP and individuals who have rendered exceptional and distinguished service to FIP.
Dr Joseph A. Oddis was FIP president from 1986 to 1990. He was also CEO of the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists almost 40 years.

FIP Rules of Procedure for the Joseph A. Oddis Award for Exceptional Service to FIP

Previous awardees
2017 Prof. Henk de Jong (Netherlands)
2016 Dr Dieter Steinbach (Germany)
2015 Prof. Henri R. Manasse, Jr. (USA)
2014 Mr Colin R. Hitchings (UK)
2013 Dr Joseph A. Oddis (USA)



Dr Dieter Steinbach received the Joseph A. Oddis Award for Exceptional Service to FIP


Distinguished Service Award 

This award recognises officers or employees of FIP who have rendered exceptional and distinguished service to FIP. The award is made on an ad hoc basis.

FIP Rules of Procedure for the Distinguished Service Award

Previous awardees
2017 Mr Howard Rice (Israel)
2014 Mr John A. Ware (Australia)
2009 Mrs Gretie Rolf von den Baumen (Netherlands)
2008 Mr Michael J.A. Rouse (USA)
2005 Mr Kal Chatto (USA) and Mr John Fergusion (UK)

Mr John A. Ware receive the Distinguished Service Award 

FIP Presidential Citation
This award recognises an individual who has shown inspirational, intensive and outstanding dedication and contribution in leading, developing and implementing a significant activity of FIP. The citation is only presented on occasions of unusual merit.

FIP Rules of Procedure FIP Presidential Citation

Previous awardees

2017 Prof. Meindert Danhof (Netherlands)


Prof. Meindert Danhof receives the FIP Presidential Citation


FIP Fellow
FIP fellowship recognises individual members of FIP who have exhibited strong leadership internationally, distinguished themselves in the pharmaceutical sciences and/or practice of pharmacy, contributed to the advancement of pharmaceutical sciences and/or practice or pharmacy, and who have served FIP. FIP Fellows may use the designation “FFIP.”

FIP Rules of Procedure FIP Fellow



FIP Fellows 2016 



Mr John Bell (Australia)
Prof. Tina Brock (Australia)
Prof. Olivier Bugnon (Switzerland)
Mr Ulf Janzon (Sweden)
Dr Peter Kielgast (Denmark)
Mr Abdul Latif Sheikh (Pakistan)
Dr Joseph A. Oddis (USA)
Mr Jean Parrot (France)
Prof. Marion Schaefer (Germany)
Dr Dieter Steinbach (Germany)
Dr James Stevenson (USA)
Dr Boyan Todorov (Netherlands)
Prof. Toyin Tofade (USA)



Prof. Lilian Azzopardi (Malta)
Dr Betty Chaar (Australia)
Mr Walter da Silva Jorge João (Brazil)
Professor Mahama Duwiejua (Ghana)
Ms Kirstie Galbraith (Australia)
Prof. Takuya Kumamoto (Japan)
Mr Luís Miguel Lourenço (Portugal)
Dr Arijana Meštrović (Croatia)
Mr Mike Rouse (USA)
Mr Paul Sinclair (Australia)
Prof. Bob Sindelar (Canada)



Dr Ralph Altiere (USA)
Dr Michael Anisfeld (USA)
Dr Parisa Aslani (Australia)
Mr Thony Björk (Sweden)
Mr Timothy Chen (Australia)
Ms Manjiree Gharat (India)
Prof. Michiho Ito (Japan)
Ms Lindsay McClure (UK) 


Prof. Claire Anderson (UK)
Ms Jane Dawson (New Zealand)
Prof. Jennifer Dressman (Germany)
Dr Linda Hakes (Germany)
Mr Dominique Jordan (Switzerland)
Prof. Jennifer Marriott (Australia)
Dr Rebekah Moles (Australia)
Prof. Hiroshi Suzuki (Japan)
Ms Agathe Wehrli (Switzerland)
Prof. Albert I. Wertheimer (USA)
Mr Nobuo Yamamoto (Japan)


Col. Zheng-yu Chen (China)
Prof. Henk de Jong (Netherlands)
Prof. Ross McKinnon (Australia)
Dr Lucinda Maine (USA)
Prof. Tsuneji Nagai (Japan)
Mrs Jacqueline Surugue (France)
Dr Frans van de Vaart (Netherlands)
Mr Lee C. Vermeulen (USA)
Mr William Zellmer (USA)


Prof. Ian Bates (UK)
Mr Andrew L. Gray (South Africa)
Prof. Wayne Hindmarsh (Canada)
Dr Tatsuro Irimura (Japan)
Prof. Kamal K. Midha (Canada)
Dr Carmen Peña-Lopez (Spain)
Prof. Geoffrey T. Tucker (UK)



Dr Lowell Anderson (USA)
Dr Horst-Dieter Friedel (Germany)
Ms Mei-Ling Hsiao (China Taiwan)
Mr Niels Kristensen (Denmark)
Mr Warren Meek (Canada)
Mr Avi Moshenson (Israel)
Ms Ema Paulino (Portugal)
Dr Mario L. Rocci (USA)
Dr Hitoshi Sasaki (Japan)
Dr Leopold Schmudermaier (Austria)
Ms Eeva Teräsalmi (Finland)
Dr Régis Vaillancourt (Canada)
Mr Heinz-Günter Wolf (Germany)


Dr Max Brentano-Motta (Switzerland)
Mr Mehmet Serif Boyaci (Turkey)
Mr Azubike Okwor (Nigeria)
Prof. Adel Sakr (Egypt)
Dr Eduardo Savio (Uruguay)


 Prof. Daan J.A. Crommelin (Netherlands)
 Dr James T. Doluisio (USA)
 Prof. Mitsuru Hashida (Japan)
 Prof. Bert Leufkens (Netherlands)
 Prof. Philip J. Schneider (USA)
 Mrs Linda J. Stone (UK)
 Mr Thomas Thielke (USA)


Dr Michel Buchmann (Switzerland)
Prof. Martin Schulz (Germany)
Prof. Stanley Shaw (USA)




Ms Bente Frøkjær (Denmark) 
Dr Sabine Kopp (Switzerland) 
Prof. Henri R. Manasse, Jr. (USA) 
Prof. Peter Noyce (UK) 
Mr Prafull D. Sheth (India) 
Prof. Yuichi Sugiyama (Japan)


Prof. S.I. (Charlie) Benrimoj (Australia)
Mrs Cynthia K. Brown (USA)
Dr John A. Gans (USA)
Dr Ross W Holland (Australia)
Mr Howard Rice (Israel)



Dr Ryoji Konishi (Japan)
Prof. Tony C. Moffat (UK)
Dr Tom Sam (Netherlands)
Dr Vinod P. Shah (USA)
Mr John Ware (Australia)


Prof. Dominique Duchêne (France)
Prof. Hans Junginger (Germany)
Mrs Jane Nicholson (UK)
Prof. Hiroshi Terada (Japan)


Høst-Madsen Medal
The Høst-Madsen Medal is the highest pharmaceutical science award of FIP. It is awarded every two years (odd years).
The award is named after Danish pharmaceutical scientist and former FIP president Dr Erik Høst-Madsen and is made possible with the support of the Association of Danish Pharmacies (Danmarks Apotekerforening).

FIP Rules of Procedure for the Høst-Madsen Medal
Høst-Madsen Committee members

Previous medallists

2017 Prof. Mitsuru Hashida (Japan)
2015 Prof. Hans E. Junginger (Germany)
2013 Prof. Daan J.A. Crommelin (Netherlands)
2011 Prof. Malcolm Rowland (UK)
2009 Prof. Yuichi Sugiyama (Japan)
2007 Prof. Patrick Couvreur (France)
2005 Prof. Stanley S. Davis (UK)
2003 Prof. E. Mutschler (Germany)
2001 Prof. L.Z. Benet (USA)
1999 Prof. R. Borchardt (USA)
1997 Prof. A. Florence (Great Britain)
1995 Sir D. Jack (Great Britain)
1993 Prof. Dr. D. Breimer (Netherlands)
1991 Prof. Dr. M. Gibaldi (USA)
1989 Prof. P. Speiser (Switzerland) & Prof. J. Swintoski (USA)
1986 Prof. T. Nagai (Japan)
1984 Prof. G. Schill (Sweden)
1982 Prof. A. Beckett (Great Britain)
1980 Prof. J. Polderman (Netherlands) & Prof. R. Paris (France)
1978 Prof. G. Levy (USA)
1974 Prof. M. Guillot (France)
1972 Prof. J. Wagner (USA)
1970 Prof. H. Flück (Switzerland)
1968 Prof. R. Ruyssen (Belgium)
1966 Prof. E. Bamann (Germany)
1964 Prof. M. Janot (France)
1962 Prof. K. Mothes (Germany)
1960 Prof. J. Büchi (Switzerland) & Prof. S. Schou (Denmark)
1958 Prof. R. Fabre (France)
1955 Prof. E. Høst Madsen (Denmark)


Distinguished Science Award
This award is made to an individual or group who has made an outstanding contribution to pharmaceutical sciences, and is awarded every two years, (even years).

Rules of Procedure for the Distinguished Science Award

Previous awardees

2018 Prof. Bert Leufkens (Netherlands)
2016 Prof. Shinji Yamashita (Japan)
2010 Prof. Hideyoshi Harashima (Japan)
2008 Dr Jennifer Dressman (Germany)
2006 Dr Gordon L. Amidon (USA)
2004 Prof. Toshio Honda (Japan)
2000 Dr Aquiles Arancibia (Chile)
1999 Dr Kathleen M. Giacomini (USA)
1998 Dr Mitsuru Hashida (Japan)
1997 Prof. Meindert Danhof (Netherlands)
1996 Prof. Patrick Couvreur (France)
1995 Prof. Vincent H.L. Lee (USA)
1994 Prof. Yuichi Sugiyama (Japan)

Prof. Shinji Yamashita receives FIP's Distinguished Science Award

André Bédat Award
The André Bédat Award is FIP’s highest pharmaceutical practice award and is awarded every two years (even years).

Rules of Procedure for the André Bédat Award

Previous André Bédat Winners

2018 Prof. Lloyd Sansom (Australia)
2016 Dr Ana Martinez (USA)
2014 Dr Thomas Lönngren (Sweden)
2012 Prof. Charles D. Hepler (USA)
2010 Prof. S.I. (Charlie) Benrimoj (Australia)
2008 Prof. Albert I. Wertheimer (USA)
2006 Mrs Gloria Niemeyer-Francke (USA)
2004 Mr John A. Bell (Australia)
2002 Dr Nils-Olof Strandqvist (Sweden)
2000 Mr Joep Winters (Netherlands)
1998 Mr D. Sharpe (United Kingdom)
1996 Mrs M. Bickle (Australia)
1994 Dr J. Oddis (USA)
1992 Mr A. Russell (Australia)
1990 Prof. E. Ogunlana (Nigeria)
1988 Mr P. Peckre (France)
1986 Mr A. Bédat (Switzerland)

Dr Thomas Lönngren receives the André Bédat Award

Distinguished Practice Award
The FIP Distinguished Practice Award is made to an individual or group who has made an outstanding contribution to pharmaceutical practice, and is awarded every two years (odd years).

Rules of Procedure for the Distinguished Practice Award

Previous awardees

2017 Ms Jane Dawson (New Zealand)
2015 Dr Régis Vaillancourt (Canada)
2013 Prof. Martin Schulz (Germany)
2011 Dr Marianne F. Ivey (USA)
2009 Mr Colin R. Hitchings (UK)
2007 Ms Jane Nicholson (UK)
2005 Mr Joao Silveira (Portugal)
2003 International Pharmaceutical Students’ Federation in recognition of the NEEMA Project
1999 Pharmaciens Sans Frontières (Pharmacists without Borders)
1998 Prof. Helga Möller (Germany)
1997 Dr Charles D. Hepler (USA)
1996 The EuroPharm Forum
1995 Mr Jan Leschly (UK)
1994 Prof. Lars G. Nilsson (Sweden)


Health Promotion Campaign Award
This award recognises a health promotion campaign developed and run by an FIP member organisation (or one of its chapters). The award is presented each year.

Rules of Procedure Health Promotion Campaign:

Nomination form 2019

Previous winners


  • My pharmacist knows me, I sign up" Chose today your family pharmacist!”, from APB (Belgium)


  • PharmaSuisse for their campaign “No to colorectal cancer – a campaign in the Swiss pharmacies” (Switzerland)
  • Korean Pharmaceutical Association for their “Education Campaign for Appropriate Drug Use” (Republic of Korea)


  • Ordem dos Farmacêuticos de Portugal for “Medicamento - Somos Todos Responsáveis” (Medicines use — We are all responsible)


Prof. Ana Paula Martins accepts the Health Promotion Campaign Award on behalf of the Ordem dos Farmacêuticos de Portugal

Pharmacy Practice Improvement Programme Award:
This award recognises a programme developed and run by a member organisation of FIP (or one of its chapters) during the previous year, aiming to improve (or expand) pharmacy practice with some innovative vision on the pharmacist’s role. The award is presented every year.

Rules of Procedure for the Pharmacy Practice Improvement Programme Award:

Nomination form 2019

Previous winners


  • Project IMPACT Immunizations from APhA (USA)
  • Nursing Homes Pharmaceutical Care Program from the Pharmaceutical Society of Singapore (Singapore)


  • The KNMP for their programme “The First Time” (the Netherlands)


  • Pharmaceutical Society of Australia for their programme “the Health Destination Pharmacy”


Dr Joe Demarte accepts the Pharmacy Practice Improvement Programme Award on behalf of the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia





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