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New generation of pharmaceutical scientists special interest group

New generation of pharmaceutical scientists special interest group

At an international level, this special interest group (SIG) provides a unique opportunity to develop future pharmaceutical scientists, through exchange of research and global networking. The group focuses on the development of young scientists (MS/PhD students, postdocs, and early-career scientists) with consideration of undergraduate/post-graduate curricula, including research dissemination, professional/career development, leadership and mentorship for future leaders, in various settings such as academia, industry, and government.


Our goals are to:

  • Establish a FIP platform for international exchange among young pharmaceutical scientists and young pharmacy researchers;
  • Enhance cross-disciplinary activities with non-pharmacy professions;
  • Enable effective outreach activities to pharmaceutical science communities during the formative years;
  • Stimulate communication, networking and collaboration with other FIP and non-FIP groups of young people (e.g., YPG, IPSF) including pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists for advancement of best practice (i.e. development and use of new medicinal products, pharmaceutical services);
  • Serve as a platform for mentorship of future leaders in pharmaceutical sciences with a global vision;
  • Increase young researchers’ contributions to global health through greater access to the latest high-quality research outputs in pharmaceutical sciences.

Current activities

Upcoming events

Social Media series

In 2023, SIG NGPS will deliver a series of short videos aimed at highlighting the many varied roles a pharmaceutical scientist can have around the world. This event is co-hosted with the Early Career Pharmaceutical Group (ECPG). Follow us on social media (@FIP_NGPS) where we will share this series.


Webinar catalogue


Combatting Malaria: New horizon of vaccines and drug discovery by young pharmaceutical scientists


Part of the FIP COVID-19 series

The career development series


Intro to FIP SIG: Drug Delivery & Manufacturing, New Medicines & New Generation of Pharmaceutical Scientists

Update report

The 2023 annual report of the SIG on NGPS can be found here.

Contact us

For more information about this group or to get involved, email
Please join the New Generation LinkedIn group and follow us on @FIP_NGPS Twitter

The special interest group is chaired by:

Dr Brian Cicali (University of Florida, USA) (Interim Chair)

The team consists of:



Dr Sifei Han
(Monash University,



Ms Maria Virgina Giolito 




Dr Khalid Garba Mohammed
(University College London, UK)


Dr Clement Haeck

Past members:

Dr Rebecka Isaksson, University College London, UK. Chair 2018-2023

Dr Sarah Dineen-Griffin, University of Newcastle, Australia. Vice-chair 2018-2023

Dr Rodi Abdalkader, Ritsumeikan University, Japan. Member 2018-2023


Last update 24 June 2024

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