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Social and Administrative Pharmacy Section

About us and our objectives

The Social and Administrative Pharmacy Section (SAPS) brings together FIP members from a wide variety of backgrounds. Some work in government departments of health, pharmaceutical companies, professional societies, chain pharmacies, wholesalers or with private healthcare providers such as health maintenance organisations. Others work as researchers in social pharmacy, academic administrators or consultants in various fields of health care. Our uniting interest is the organisation of pharmacy practice and the provision of evidence for decision-making in all areas related to pharmacy policy and advocacy.

Collectively, SAPS members have special interest and expertise in the following areas:

  • Qualitative and quantitative health services research
  • Outcomes research – including economic, clinical and humanistic outcomes
  • Instrument development and testing
  • PROMS, PREMS and patient satisfaction
  • Pharmacoeconomics – health economics
  • Pharmacoepidemiology - epidemiology
  • Quality improvement in health careHealth and pharmaceutical policy development and investigations
  • Research administration and clinical governance 
  • Professional society management
  • Professional standards and guidelines
  • Evidence-based practice
  • Health planning and promotion
  • Regulatory affairs

We invite all new FIP members to take the opportunity to join SAPS, and current FIP members to choose SAPS as a second or third membership option. We would welcome your involvement in our section.

Who we are

Our Executive Committee currently consists of:


Dr Timothy F Chen (Australia) (2018-2022 2nd Term)


Ms Tara Hehir (Australia) (2018-2022 1st Term)


Dr Ola G. Al Ahdab (United Arab Emirates) (2018-2022 2nd Term)


Dr Vaiyapuri  Subramaniam, (USA) (2021-2025* 2nd Term)

Immediate Past President

Dr Marion Schaefer (Germany)



Dr Cody Midlam (USA) (2018-2022 2nd Term)


Dr Filipa Alves da Costa (Portugal) (2018-2022 1st Term)


Mrs Yejide Oseni (Nigeria) (2018-2022 2nd Term)






Israel Bimpe (Rwanda)(2018-2022 1st Term)

Dr Dalia Dawoud (UK/Egypt) (2021-2024)*

Mr Peter Guthrey (Australia) (2021-2024)*

*Shortened term due to postponement of elections in 2020 due to Covid-19. The SAPS Business Meeting is held during the FIP Annual Congress, with the date TBC.

The current statutes of the Social and Administrative Pharmacy Section were adopted by the Bureau on 22 April 2020.

FIP Social and Administrative Pharmacy Section (SAPS) Research Award and Covid-19 Research Award

The FIP SAPS Research Award is established to fund new research initiatives. Projects should be relevant to SAPS or to FIP more broadly. The FIP SAPS Covid-19 Research Award should be relevant to SAPS or to FIP more broadly, and also be related to Covid-19.

SAPS is offering a €1,500 award to cover costs for each of the selected projects. The uniting interest for SAPS is the organisation of pharmacy practice and the provision of evidence for decision-making in all areas related to pharmacy policy and advocacy.

Download the application form for FIP SAPS Research Award here and more information on this award and the marking rubric is available here.

The application form for the FIP SAPS Covid-19 Research Award can be accessed here and more information and the marking rubric here.

The next call for applications will be in February 2022.


At the FIP congress

During the FIP congress we organise programmes and social events for our pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences members, often in cooperation with other FIP sections or working groups. At recent congresses SAPS sessions have included:

  • Listen better, talk better — Skills to improve medicines taking
  • Individualised medicines: And ethical approach
  • Gene-based therapy 101
  • Healthy ageing
  • Patient safety: How resilient are your services?
  • Medicine shortages: The International Toronto Summit and beyond

Each year during the FIP congress we hold a business meeting where members can make contact, contribute thoughts, and influence the future development of the section.


We publish our own section newsletter four times a year to keep members informed about SAPS activities between congresses.

Follow us on twitter or get in touch by email (

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Annual report 

The SAPS annual report is available here.


Last update 15 November 2021

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