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World Pharmacists Day

“Pharmacy strengthening health systems” was the theme of FIP’s World Pharmacists Day on 25 September 2023

The theme provided opportunities to raise awareness about pharmacists as a smart solution, especially as health systems worldwide are recovering from the COVID-19 crisis, and general consensus is that urgent action is needed for health services to meet future needs.

A heartfelt thank you to colleagues from across various sectors, including community, hospital, industry, science, education, research and clinical trials, government, regulation and non-governmental organisations for celebrating our profession with us!

We also thank our member organisations for supporting the campaign with a variety of activities, some of which are highlighted below.


The president of the Algerian Pharmaceutical Federation, Abdelhakim Boudis, and members of its executive committee, sent out a message of appreciation to all pharmacists for their daily efforts in quality control and patient safety.


The Australasian Pharmaceutical Science Association supported the campaign with a #WPD2023 graphic.
The Pharmaceutical Society of Australia shared the video message from FIP’s president.
The president of the Society of Hospital Pharmacists of Australia (SHPA), Tom Simpson, featured in a Purple Pen Podcast episode to discuss opportunities for Australian pharmacists in 2023 and beyond.
The SHPA also posted a video from the team at Westmead Hospital, New South Wales, which asked people what first comes to mind when they hear the word “pharmacists”.


"The nationwide supply network of public pharmacies close to home and the competence of the pharmacists are indispensable building blocks," said Ulrike Mursch-Edlmayr, president of the Austrian Chamber of Pharmacists, in a press release, where she described the healthcare system as a house.


  Thank you Koen Straetmans, president of the Association of Pharmacists Belgium, for sharing your #WPD2023 supporter’s graphic!

Thank you president Andras Süle and vice-president Darija Kuruk Poje from the European Association of Hospital Pharmacists for being #WPD2032 supporters!


Bosnia & Herzegovina

The Chamber of Pharmacists of the Federation of Bosnia & Herzegovina shared the FIP #WPD2023 campaign materials on its website.


  “The pharmacist is a central player in Brazil's healthcare system, performing in a variety of scenarios, from community pharmacies to hospitals, clinical analysis laboratories, pharmaceutical industries, regulatory bodies, among more than 150 acting specialties. Your presence is essential at every stage of the healthcare cycle, playing crucial roles in various areas,” was the message from the Brazilian Federal Council of Pharmacy on #WPD2023

Cabo Verde

The Order of Pharmacists of Cabo Verde (OFCV) held a roundtable discussion on “Paths for strengthening health systems” for pharmaceutical professionals and pharmacy technicians.


Marcília Baticy Fernandes, president of OFCV, also shared insights on how to strengthen health systems and championed the theme of #WPD2023.


The Canadian Pharmacists Association conducted a survey ahead of #WPD2023, revealing that 80% of Canadians would use a pharmacist-led walk-in clinic to access care for a common ailment or health condition. They celebrated the expansion of pharmacists’ scope of practice in 2023 and shared quotes from patients expressing “why they love their pharmacist!”


Costa Rica

  The College of Pharmacists of Costa Rica disseminated the theme of strengthening health systems #WPD2023 through its communications channels.




The Croatian Pharmaceutical Society, in collaboration with the Croatian Chamber of Pharmacy, held a press conference. The event aimed to promote pharmacies and the pharmacy profession to the public, emphasising that pharmacies are not just places for dispensing medicines, but also hubs for expert advice on rational medication use, disease prevention, quality of life improvement and a wide range of pharmacy services.


Thank you Ly Rootslane, member of the management board of the Estonian Pharmacies Association for participating in the #WPD2023 campaign.  


The Association of Finnish Pharmacies reminded people to turn to their trusted pharmacists for expert guidance in health care.  


Carine Wolf-Thal, president of the French Chamber of Pharmacists celebrated World Pharmacists' Day with us at FIP’s world congress in Brisbane, Australia.  


The Pharmaceutical Society of Ghana invited the public to join a “World Pharmacists Day” event in Adabraka, Ghana, and take the opportunity of free blood pressure and body mass index screerning.  


  The Active Pharmacists for Medical Rebirth by Sanitary Information and Formation supported the campaign through its Facebook page.


The Indian Pharmaceutical Association (IPA), in collaboration with Srinivas College of Pharmacy in D.K. District, Mangaluru, and Srinivas Institute of Medical Sciences & Research Centre, organised a blood donation event at Srinivas College Campus in Valachil.

The IPA student group shared a collage of their #WPD2023 supporter’s graphics.



The Indonesian Pharmacists Association carried the #WPD2023 theme across their social media, and shared a special message from FIP president Paul Sinclair.



  The Irish Pharmacy Union shared the campaign on social media.


  Head of the Jordan Pharmacists Association Mohamed Ababneh shared a message congratulating pharmacists on #WPD.


Aneez Rahmetulla, chair of the Pharmaceutical Society of Kenya shared a quote highlighting the role pharmacists play, not just in individuals' health but in shaping the well-being of entire communities.



  The Kosova Chamber of Pharmacists used the campaign message as their banner on social media.


The Lithuanian Pharmaceutical Association shared campaign assets.  


The Ordre National des Pharmaciens de Madagascar organised a walk for pharmacists and pharmacy students through Toamasina in celebration of #WPD2023.



    “This year's theme — Pharmacy strengthening health systems — deeply resonates to the evolving roles of pharmacists beyond the dispensing counter,” said the Malaysian Pharmacists Society on WPD.


The Pharmaceutical Society of Malawi council members supported the campaign on social media.  


Newly FIP member organisation, the Pharmaceutical Society of Nambia, took part in the global campaign, focusing on promoting the profession.


New Zealand

The New Zealand Pharmaceutical Society created street posters in celebration of #WPD2023!  


  Thank you Greta Torbergsen chief executive officer of the Norwegian Association of Pharmacists for sharing your supporter’s graphic!
President of the Norwegian Association of Pharmacists Birgitte Lloyd invited colleagues to attend presentations on national and international work in Oslo.  


The Pakistan Society of Health-System Pharmacists shared quotes from its president, members of its executive council and youth leaders on its Facebook page.



Nine days before #WPD2023, the Philippine Pharmacists Association (PPhA) began a Twitter countdown.  
In celebration of the World Pharmacists Day, PPhA president Aleth Therese L. Dacanay shared a special message to pharmacists.  
Chapters of the PPhA across the country hosted events and workshops with the shared goal of enhancing people's health and well-being, establishing pharmacists at the forefront of health care.  


#WPD2023 supporters from the Rwanda National Pharmacy Council included president Flandrie Habyarimana, chairperson Stanley Nsabimana, deputy chairperson John Nyiligira and secretary Anitha Batamuliza.



The Pharmaceutical Chamber of Serbia celebrated World Pharmacists' Day by conducting health education sessions in preschools and elementary schools, aiming to promote responsible health attitudes. Over 200 pharmacists nationwide visited more than 60 towns and villages, educating 20,000 children on various health-related topics and distributing "My Pharmacist and I" coloring books.




President of the General Pharmaceutical Council of Spain, Jesús Aguilar, and secretary Raquel Martínez celebrated World Pharmacists’ Day with the president of FIP's Early Career Pharmaceutical Group, Safiye Çağansel, its general secretary, Gonzalo Adsuar, and team in Brisbane.  
Mr Aguilar congratulated pharmacists on #WPD2023 in a video message.  

And Spain lit green with more than 100 buildings throughout the country in a public recognition of the work carried out by pharmacists on #WPD2023!

Sri Lanka

The Pharmaceutical Society of Sri Lanka (PSSL) shared a message from FIP president Paul Sinclair wishing colleagues in Sri Lanka a happy #WPD2023 alongside PSSL president Kelum Jayasuriya. The organisation also held a symposium on that day.



The Swedish Pharmacists Association presented its pharmacist and pharmacy student of the year awards on #WPD2023.  


  The Pharmaceutical Association of Thailand published an infographic looking back at the past 15 years and exploring how pharmacists perceive their roles.


The Turkish Pharmacists’ Association issued a press release urging stakeholders in the pharmaceutical industry to come together under the leadership of the Turkish Ministry of Health to save the country from foreign dependency and drug shortages. The message was also shared on social media.



The Emirates Pharmacy Association celebrated the efforts of pharmacists in the medical team.  


FIP member organisations across USA took part in the global campaign.

American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy


American Pharmacists Association

American Society of Health-System Pharmacists


The Pharmaceutical Society of Zimbabwe used WPD as an opportunity to raise awareness on drug abuse.  

If your organisation would like to share its WPD2023 activities, please email

The theme of World Pharmacists Day 2024 will be announced in March 2024. Follow FIP on social media for news.

Last update 21 November 2023

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