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HPS activities


We focus on education, communication and improving the practice of pharmacy in hospitals around the world and this includes the provision of webinars. Recent titles include:

Previous webinars are accessible to our members. Use them to enhance your skills, confidence and ability to better serve patients in health-systems around the world.

At the FIP congress

During the World Congress of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, we organise a week-long programme, aligned with the overall congress topic and tailored for hospital pharmacists, including practitioners, researchers and leaders.

The FIP congress is also an important showcase for hospital pharmacists and we invite you to present your work, either as a short oral communication or a poster.

Our section’s annual steering committee meeting is also held during the congress. Participating in the congress gives you opportunities to benchmark, learn from colleagues from all over the world and make new friends. In addition to continuing education, there’s a lot of fun to be had at the HPS dinner, showcase and welcome reception.

HPS Poster Awards

We make poster awards at the FIP congress. The overall purpose of the HPS Poster Award is to encourage hospital pharmacy research and development, and the sharing of experiences and results with other pharmacists through quality poster presentations. We are strongly committed to pharmacy practice research and development. Poster exhibitions and short oral communications based on received abstracts is a long HPS tradition.


To keep our members updated with the latest pharmacy practice discussions, research and HPS activities, we send out electronic newsletters every two months. We also welcome contributions to the HPS newsletter. Email

Basel Statements

The Basel Statements are a set of 65 statements reflecting the vision for hospital pharmacy practice and covering all areas of the medicine use process in hospitals, from procurement to monitoring. Our section led the development of these statements and is working towards their implementation across the globe. For more information on the Basel Statements, click here.

Annual report

The HPS annual report is available here.

Last update 5 November 2020

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