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Health screening through pharmacy point-of-care testing must be promoted, FIP says in new policy statement

Seville • 21 September 2022


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FIP defines global competencies and behaviours to support pharmacy educators and trainers in their professional development More Seville • 19 September 2022 Twelve pharmacy professionals from nine countries recognised with global awards More Seville • 18 September 2022 Growth in provision of essential health services by pharmacy must accelerate further, says FIP president More Seville • 18 September 2022 FIP council elects first FIP president from Australia More Seville • 17 September 2022 Inequities in pharmacy education must be addressed, FIP says as it introduces a new toolkit More The Hague • 9 September 2022 New guidance says coadministration of COVID-19 and flu vaccines is safe and improves uptake, and calls for pharmacists’ involvement More The Hague • 6 September 2022 New diabetes reference guide focuses on helping pharmacists achieve required competencies More The Hague • 13 July 2022 Pharmacists encouraged to expand roles in mental health with two new resources from FIP More The Hague • 7 July 2022 FIP names 20 women as “rising stars” in pharmaceutical sciences and education More The Hague • 30 June 2022 New vaccination reference guide focuses on knowledge and skills for pharmacists and students More The Hague • 15 June 2022 World Pharmacists Day 2022 to underline importance of professional unity More The Hague • 25 March 2022 Latest handbook from FIP gives pharmacists guidance on supporting self-care More The Hague • 23 February 2022 FIP emphasises pharmacists’ wider medication review roles in update of its medicines use review toolkit More The Hague • 26 January 2022 Latest FIP resource on management of colds, influenza and sinusitis aims to support pharmacists and health systems More The Hague • 14 December 2021 Eighteen urgent actions needed in pharmaceutical education to avoid health worker shortfall, says FIP More The Hague • 13 December 2021 New FIP report gives snapshot of operation of online pharmacies across 79 countries, amid prediction of their increasing importance to consumers More The Hague • 8 December 2021 FIP encourages wider vaccination access in the Americas with new publication More The Hague • 17 November 2021 New resource from FIP supports pharmacists in tackling public health threat of diabetes More The Hague • 12 November 2021 Competencies to support pharmacists working in the humanitarian arena developed by FIP More The Hague • 26 October 2021 New resource to support pharmacists in tackling vaccines hesitancy available from FIP More The Hague • 21 October 2021 WHO and partners call for action to better protect health and care workers from COVID-19 More Geneva • 21 October 2021 Work environments for women in pharmaceutical science and education can be improved using a new toolkit from FIP More The Hague • 5 October 2021 Interoperability is key to successful digital health, FIP says in new policy statement More The Hague • 21 September 2021 FIP makes its 2021 awards to national organisations and individual pharmacists at online ceremony More The Hague • 17 September 2021 Pharmacists must be mobilised to mitigate health impacts of air pollution, FIP says More The Hague • 7 September 2021 FIP’s latest global report on community pharmacy published More The Hague • 23 July 2021 FIP releases handbook to help pharmacists maximise their disease prevention role through vaccination More The Hague • 12 July 2021 Pathfinder toolkit aims to support the establishment of regional pharmacy education networks around the world More The Hague • 1 July 2021 Nanomedicine researcher receives FIP’s highest scientific honour More The Hague • 24 June 2021 Trust to be the focus of World Pharmacists Day 2021 More The Hague • 25 March 2021 Value of pharmacist-led medicines reconciliation highlighted by new toolkit from FIP More The Hague • 18 February 2021 FIP develops tool to support regulators in implementing pharmacy-based vaccination programmes to combat pandemic More The Hague • 4 February 2021 New global overview on digital health in pharmacy education lays foundation for advancement, FIP says More The Hague • 27 January 2021 FIP and the WHO develop new curriculum guide to improve action against substandard and fake medicines More The Hague • 20 January 2021 Health professions ask public to take concrete actions to help safeguard underfunded COVID-affected health systems More Geneva • 15 January 2021 FIP launches commitment to action on improving vaccination coverage through pharmacies More The Hague • 17 December 2020 Toolkit to help profession with medicines use review services released by FIP More The Hague • 15 December 2020 FIP publishes position statement on emerging technologies and pharmacy practice More The Hague • 30 November 2020 FIP expert group issues advice for pharmacists on COVID-19 tests More The Hague • 20 November 2020 New handbook from FIP encourages pharmacists to take a more active role in preventing and managing vector-borne diseases More The Hague • 9 November 2020 FIP moves primary health care agenda in the European Region forward with new report More The Hague • 27 October 2020 New report from FIP describes how healthcare challenges in sub-Saharan Africa can be addressed by pharmacy education reform More The Hague • 20 October 2020 Emerging role and professional service for pharmacy in air pollution highlighted in new report from FIP More The Hague • 15 October 2020 New chairperson appointed for the FIP Foundation for Education and Research More The Hague • 8 October 2020 Scientists find new use for old diabetes medicine, pointing to improved outcomes in hepatitis B treatment More The Hague • 6 October 2020 Pharmaceutical scientists develop novel diagnostic technology to monitor health conditions via the skin More The Hague • 5 October 2020 FIP publishes new resource to support progress with its Development Goals for the pharmacy profession More The Hague • 30 September 2020 Governments have a public health duty to expand vaccination coverage through pharmacies, FIP says More The Hague • 25 September 2020 Commission to tackle antimicrobial resistance established by FIP More The Hague • 24 September 2020 New FIP commission launched to support global pharmacy data hub More The Hague • 23 September 2020 Development goals to support transformation of entire pharmacy profession launched by FIP More The Hague • 21 September 2020 FIP calls for focus on pharmacy remuneration More The Hague • 18 September 2020 FIP publishes policy statement on patient safety More The Hague • 17 September 2020 Growing concern over the future of medicines supplies worldwide reflected in new policy statement from FIP More The Hague • 16 September 2020 Profession will emerge from pandemic bigger and better, but we must act as “One pharmacy”, says FIP president More The Hague • 13 September 2020 FIP 2020 award winners announced More The Hague • 13 September 2020 Evidence of positive impact of pharmacists on patient safety published by FIP More The Hague • 13 August 2020 Latest overview of pharmacy-based vaccination around the world is published by FIP More The Hague • 4 August 2020 FIP updates COVID-19 guidance for pharmacists More The Hague • 15 July 2020 New resource for pharmacists to expand their role in vaccination now available More The Hague • 25 June 2020 FIP appoints a director for its Global Pharmaceutical Observatory More The Hague • 20 May 2020 FIP appoints a new Chair for FIP Education on pharmacy workforce and education More The Hague • 30 April 2020 FIP calls for governments to support pharmacists and pharmacy workers on COVID-19 front line More The Hague • 14 April 2020 World Health Professions Alliance calls on G20 to protect health workers facing COVID-19 More The Hague • 10 April 2020 FIP releases substantial update to COVID-19 guidelines for pharmacists around the world More The Hague • 19 March 2020 International guidelines on how pharmacists should deal with the latest coronavirus outbreak issued by FIP More The Hague • 6 February 2020 Pharmacy leaders from across the European Region commit to delivering primary health care for all More 25 October 2019 New joint statement launched by pharmacy profession & industry on the development of self-care as a key part of sustainable health systems More The Hague • 2 October 2019 Pharmacists around the world renew commitment to optimal prevention and treatment of non-communicable diseases More Abu Dhabi • 26 September 2019 Pharmaceutical scientists develop methods to make breast cancer treatments more effective and less toxic More Abu Dhabi • 25 September 2019 New women-centred pharmacy services are needed, global pharmacy leadership says   More Abu Dhabi • 24 September 2019 Workforce transformation, endorsed by Ministry of Health, is brought to Indonesia’s pharmacists by FIP and IAI More Abu Dhabi • 23 September 2019 FIP Awards Abu Dhabi 2019 More Abu Dhabi • 22 September 2019 In the presence of H.E Sheikh Abdulla Bin Mohamed Al Hamed FIP president reveals new strategy for global pharmacy More Abu Dhabi • 22 September 2019 Greater focus to be given to digital techonology in pharmacy as FIP established new specialist forum More The Hague • 8 May 2019 Pharmapod partners with FIP to improve patient safety More Amman • 25 April 2019 Global pharmacy workforce transformation programme launched by FIP More Amman • 24 April 2019 New FIP report aims to inspire innovation around non-communicable diseases More The Hague • 7 April 2019 World pharmacists Day 2019 will promote safe and effective medicines for all More The Hague • 25 March 2019 New FIP Workforce Development Hub to progress pharmacy workforce transformation around the world More The Hague • 7 November 2018 FIP adds biosimilars to policy on pharmacists’ right to substitute one medicine for another More The Hague • 2 October 2018 Global pharmacy leadership makes first policy statement on pharmacists reducing harm associated with drugs of abuse More Glasgow • 5 September 2018 Singaporean nursing home service, US vaccine care model and Belgian “family pharmacist” concept win global pharmacy practice improvement and health campaign awards More Glasgow • 4 September 2018 Pharmacy workforce predicted to grow year on year in new report More Glasgow • 4 September 2018 New FIP report urges pharmacists to explore services that empower women More Glasgow • 3 September 2018 FIP President calls for urgent action on sustainability policies More Glasgow • 2 September 2018 Community pharmacist elected as FIP president More Glasgow • 1 September 2018 Focus on pharmacists’ supply chain expertise in order to improve access to medicines, FIP says More The Hague • 20 June 2018 Focus on pharmacists’ supply chain expertise in order to improve access to medicines, FIP says More The Hague • 8 May 2018 FIP appoints new chief executive officer More The Hague • 7 February 2018 New FIP report on the role of pharmacists in reducing harm associated with drugs of abuse includes marijuana More The Hague • 28 November 2017 Strategic approaches are needed to improve medicines information, says FIP More The Hague • 2 October 2017 New recommendations on control of antimicrobial resistance issued by the International Pharmaceutical Federation More The Hague • 27 September 2017 New data depict state of progress in pharmacy workforce development More Seoul • 12 September 2017 We must generate jobs in the pharmaceutical sector, FIP President says More Seoul • 11 September 2017 Governments and insurers should recognise the importance of self care to health systems, says FIP More Seoul • 11 September 2017 Initiatives promoting pharmacists’ value in cancer screening, drug safety and new medicines counselling win this year’s FIP awards More Seoul • 10 September 2017 More effective treatment for cystic fibrosis patients on its way More Stockholm • 22 May 2017 Globalisation of science will help address world health threats, says FIP president More Stockholm • 21 May 2017 FIP calls on pharmacy leaders to transform the workforce as it releases 67 statements on pharmaceutical education More The Hague • 3 May 2017 Recognition of pharmacists’ role in self care is growing, new FIP report says More The Hague • 25 April 2017 Diversity of profession to be focus of World Pharmacists Day 2017 More The Hague • 10 April 2017 New report shows how the pharmacy profession is advancing in different countries with the help of FIP resources More Buenos Aires • 7 November 2016 FIP launches strategy to ensure that the pharmacy workforce is able to meet our world’s future health needs More Nanjing • 7 November 2016 AIDS pharmacist given FIP’s highest honour for practitioners More Buenos Aires • 29 August 2016 FIP’s vision to be served by three new board members from Germany, Japan and USA More Buenos Aires • 28 August 2016 Community pharmacies’ important social role must not be forgotten, FIP President says More Buenos Aires • 28 August 2016 FIP selects “health destination pharmacy” and “responsible use of medicines campaign” as best global examples of professional association work More Buenos Aires • 28 August 2016 Global pharmacy awards go to pharmacists in seven countries More Buenos Aires • 28 August 2016 Community pharmacies have the potential to vaccinate at least one in eight people right now, FIP says More Buenos Aires • 27 August 2016 New international guidelines to help pharmacies keep going during natural disasters More The Hague • 28 July 2016 Greater focus to be given to pharmacy practice research through a new FIP group More The Hague • 4 July 2016 Launch of new guidance to make children’s medicines safer and more effective More The Hague • 13 June 2016 World Pharmacists Day 2016 focuses on care More The Hague • 8 March 2016 FIP publishes guide to help pharmacists establish tobacco-free communities More The Hague • 16 December 2015 Pharmacists and scientists can take the lead in reducing the environmental impact of medicines, FIP says More The Hague • 1 December 2015 FIP issues official policy statement on the role of pharmacists in reducing the effect of medicines on the environment More Buenos Aires • 1 December 2015 FIP invests in a blueprint for the pharmacy workforce More Dusseldorf • 1 October 2015 New global report details trend in advanced roles for pharmacists More Dusseldorf • 1 October 2015 International statements for hospital pharmacy revised More The Hague • 24 September 2015 FIP produces Arabic pictograms to help refugees with their medicines More The Hague • 24 September 2015 Seminal report reveals state of pharmacy remuneration around the world More Dusseldorf • 24 September 2015 Lab Boxes: The FIP project bringing learning to life More The Hague • 3 August 2015 UNESCO renews unique agreement to develop pharmacy education with FIP More The Hague • 12 June 2015
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