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Academic Institutional Membership (AIM)

FIP recognises the prominent role of schools of pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences in providing the foundation for our profession and developed the FIP academic institutional membership (AIM) in 2009.
FIP AIM is the only global network interconnecting schools of pharmacy and academic pharmacy leaders around the world for communication, collaboration and sharing ideas around areas of interest related to academic leadership. Members are schools of pharmacy and/or pharmaceutical sciences, represented through their deans or academic leadership team members. FIP AIM members are facilitated to collaborate on research, staff exchange, events and education.


“The vision of FIP AIM is to advance leadership in education of pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences. Its mission is to support communication in special interest concentrations to create win-win collaborations (3 Cs). Members will benefit from the expertise of a dynamic group of pharmacy academic leaders that are working collaboratively to improve pharmacy education around the world. This is achieved through our annual Global Academic Leaders Forum (GALF), webinars, and AIM working groups. Also, at the FIP World Congress, FIP AIM organises a World Café session that benefits the academic leaders. All in all, it is a dynamic environment that you can use to your advantage as you work on improving your college.” — Pierre Moreau, FIP AIM Chair


Hear it from our members

“One of our university mottoes is that internationalisation is very important. . . .AIM can help support and further [our] vision of the internationalising the school. It’s also good to hear about what other deans are going through and how they’re tackling situations.” — Lilian M. Azzopardi, head of Department of Pharmacy, University of Malta, Malta

“The deans forum [GALF] allowed me to perform major improvements in our pharmacy programme including curriculum design and development, interpersonal education, leadership and experimental education and training.” — Mohamad Rahal, dean, School of Pharmacy, Lebanese International University, Lebanon.

In addition to participating the GALF, FIP AIM provides the opportunity to post vacancies on the FIP AIM Careers pageand offers some special discounts to join the FIP Seal programmes. To learn more about the other benefits of AIM, please click here.

Join our network

Global Academic Leaders Forum

About GALF

The Global Academic Leaders Forum (GALF) is FIP AIM's annual meeting platform designed to strengthen institutional and professional development. This forum brings together academic pharmacy leaders from around the world to engage in discussions on leadership and pharmacy education in the international arena. GALF focuses on addressing current and relevant topics through interactive workshops led by leading experts, tailored to the needs of academic leaders.

GALF 2023

We are excited to announce that GALF 2023 will be organised by FIP Academic Institutional Membership (AIM) on Sunday, 24th September, during the upcoming FIP Congress in Brisbane, Australia. This forum is exclusively designed for passionate academic pharmacy leaders who strive to advance pharmacy education and transform pharmacy practice.

Theme: "Integrating science and practice in competency-based education for better workforce preparedness: a ONE FIP approach to global health challenges."

GALF 2023 will provide a unique opportunity for pharmacy educators and leaders from all over the world to collaborate, share insights, and learn from each other. The programme will feature a diverse range of sessions that explore critical topics, including leading and managing a competency-based education transformation, the impact of the pandemic on expected competencies of pharmacists, and potential barriers to CBE transformation and how to overcome them.

Why to attend to GALF 2023?

GALF 2023 offers an excellent platform for exchanging ideas, connecting with peers, and working together to advance pharmacy education and practice. By participating in this forum, you can expand your professional network and gain a better understanding of the latest trends and developments in the field.

FIP AIM membership benefits:

As a member of FIP AIM, you have the option to register for the FIP World Congress by paying a membership fee. This grants you access to the reduced rate for Congress registration. Additionally, in cases where the designated school representative, typically the dean, cannot attend the Congress, the reduced rate can be utilised by another academic leader at the school. Therefore, after your school becomes a FIP AIM member, we can support your registration with this reduced rate for Congress registration.

How to join:

If you are interested in attending the FIP Congress, including GALF 2023, and taking advantage of the reduced rate for Congress registration through FIP AIM membership, please contact for more information.

We at FIP AIM are eagerly looking forward to welcoming you to GALF 2023 in Brisbane. Register now to secure your place and take advantage of this unique opportunity for professional growth and development as a global academic pharmacy leader.

AIM Advisory Committee

The AIM Advisory Committee drives FIP's global strategy and projects on academic and institutional development and provides leadership and technical advice. The committee covers all World Health Organization (WHO) regions in the world. The committee is composed of a 12-member elected advisory board representing the six WHO regions.

Commitee members     Affiliation Country
FIP Aim Chair Pierre Moreau   Professor, Faculty of Pharmacy Kuwait University Kuwait
Immediate past AIM Chair Wayne Hindmarsh   Chief executive officer, CCAPP Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy University of Toronto Canada
African Region Mwila Chiluba   Dean, University of Zambia Zambia
Yahya Choonara   Chair and department head, pharmacy and pharmacology University of Witwatersrand South Africa
Americas Region Silvana Nair Leite   Professor, Federal University of Santa Catarina Brazil
Toyin Tofade  

President, Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences

Eastern Mediterranean Region Mohamad Rahal   Dean, Lebanese International University Lebanon
Hanan Refaat   Dean, Faculty of Pharmacy, Future University Egypt
European Region Lilian Azzopardi   Head, Department of Pharmacy, University of Malta Malta
South-East Asian Region Beom-Jin Lee   Dean, College of Pharmacy, Ajou University South Korea
 Rajani Shakya   Head, Department of Pharmacy, Kathmandu University  Nepal  
Western Pacific Region Paul Gallagher   Professor, National University of Singapore Department of Pharmacy Singapore
Carlo Marra   Dean, School of Pharmacy University of Otago New Zealand

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Last update 25 May 2023

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