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Community Pharmacy Section

About us and our objectives

The Community Pharmacy Section has several objetives:

  • To improve the professional standards of pharmacy and encourage realisation of the social aims of the profession as a part of public health and as a pharmaceutical service to the community;
  • To plan and be responsible for the activities of the International Pharmaceutical Federation in the field of community pharmacy; in particular:
    • To provide and exchange information that assists in the coordination and improvement of the scientific, technical and professional activities of community pharmacists;
    • To organise meetings for members of the section during FIP congresses such as the World Congress of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, in accordance with approved general congress programmes;
    • To study and report on any matter of interest to community pharmacists.

Our mission is to assist pharmacists, wherever they live and practise, in the delivering of medicines, health products and services that will improve medicine use and advance patient care.

The Community Pharmacy Section will support the community-based pharmacist in:

  • Providing professional development within pharmaceutical care, pharmacotherapy, health promotion, communication and documentation;
  • Offering a platform for professionals and leaders;
  • Increasing the focus from product to services, and;
  • Increasing the awareness and involvement of the (national) professional bodies in our mission.


Our vision is set out in “Vision 2020” (Spanish version). 

This document serves as a guiding platform to the strategic plan
to be implemented in coming years, building on FIP’s overall vision 
and individual national pharmaceutical organisation documents.


FIP Community Pharmacy Section Vision 2020

We undertake many activities within the framework of our objectives, mission and vision. 

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How we work

The Community Pharmacy Section’s Executive Committee (ExCo) consists of:

President (2018-2022) Dr Lars-Åke Söderlund (Sweden)    

Secretary (2017-2021) Mr Luís Miguel Lourenço (Portugal)   

Vice President (2018-2020) Ms Manjiri Gharat (India)    
Member (2019-2023) Dr Sari Westermarck (Finland)     
Member (2016-2020) Mr Martin Astbury (United Kingdom)    
Member (2018-2021) Dr Shane Jackson (Australia)    
Member (2018-2022) Mr Daragh Connolly (Ireland)    
Member (2018-2022) Ms Leonila Ocampo (Phillipines)    
Member (2019-2023) Mr Jaime Acosta Gomez (Spain)    
Immediate Past President Mr Paul Sinclair (Australia)    

The President serves for four years and cannot be re-elected but remains in office as Immediate Past President for two years. All other officers are elected for four years and may be re-elected for one further four-year term. The committee elects from among its members a Vice-President for a two-year mandate, renewable once.

CPS Executive Committee 2018-2020

CPS Executive Committee 2018-2022
(Left to right: Daragh Connolly, Manjiri Gharat, Martin Astbury,
Tshifhiwa Rabali, Sari Westermarck, Leonila Ocampo,
Lars-Ake Söderlund, Luís Miguel Lourenço, Shane Jackson and
Paul Sinclair)

We invite our members to participate in our working groups. Be active and tell us about your ideas:

The current statutes of the Community Pharmacy Section were adopted by the FIP Council in September 2013.

Click to download the CPS statutes in a pdf.

Annual report

The CPS annual report is available here.

Last update 9 April 2020

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