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Industrial Pharmacy Section

About us and our objectives

Founded in 1955, FIP’s Industrial Pharmacy Section (IPS) has expanded to a worldwide industrial pharmacy network. It embraces all functions where industrial pharmacists are employed.

Members of the section benefit from:

  • International journal Industrial Pharmacy (quarterly)
  • Quarterly IPS Newsletter including early information on pharmaceutical manufacturing science & practice training workshops, up-to-date information on development and manufacturing, biotechnology, QC/QA and the regulation of pharmaceuticals
  • Free participation in IPS webinars (typically valued at USD 150 each)
  • Reduced rates at FIP symposia and training events
  • Global networking opportunities at the annual FIP congress and IPS workshops year-round, providing access to colleagues with technical, quality and regulatory expertise
  • Discussion forums on current industrial topics
  • Student internships

We invite any pharmacists and scientists working in any area of the pharmaceutical industry or with the regulatory authorities to join us. Enhance and strengthen your professional life and contribute to the international community of industrial pharmacists: click here.

How we work

The current Statutes of the Industrial Pharmacy Section were adopted by the FIP Council in 2009.

The executive committee members are as follow:

President Mr Ulf Janzon (Sweden)
Vice President Mr Sola Solarin (Nigeria)
Treasurer Mr Igor Linhares de Castro (Brazil)
Secretary Mr Michael Anisfeld (United States)

Contact us at

Members of IPS Exco at FIP 2016 congress
Members of IPS ExCo at FIP 2016 Congress in Buenos Aires (Left to right: Anna Laven (Germany), Ulf Janzon (Sweden), Gabrielle Wiederkehr (Switzerland), Kerstin Neumann (Germany), Michael Anisfeld (IPS President, USA), Ching-Yi Hsu (Taiwan), Sini Eskola (Belgium), Mathew Cherian (USA), Didier Mouliom (France), Igor de Castro (Brazil)


The following roles are also undertaken within ExCo: 

Functional roles


Regulatory    Ms Gabrielle Wiederkehr (Switzerland)
WHO Guideline Coordinator Mr Michael Anisfeld (United States)
Regulatory Updates (for IPS Newsletter) Mr Michael Anisfeld (United States)
Media & Communications  
Newsletter editor Ms Forum Jalundhwala (India)
Industrial Pharmacy editor Ms Forum Jalundhwala (India)
Social media (FB/Linked-In/Twit) editor Ms Kerstin Neumann (Germany)
Website coordinator/Discussion forum manager Mr Igor de Castro (Brazil)
Education & Outreach  
Awards coordinator Ms Avanthi Govender (South Africa)
Congress coordinator Mr Ulf Janzon (Sweden)
Scientific updates (Congress/Seminars input) Dr Mathew Cherian (USA)
Webinar coordinator Mr Sola Solarin (Nigeria)
IPS development coordinator Dr Anna Laven
Membership management     Mr Didier Mouliom (France)  
Marketing/Sales coordinator Dr Anna Laven

Annual report

The IPS annual report is available here.

Last update 7 May 2019

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