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Trust to be the focus of World Pharmacists Day 2021

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The Hague • 25 March 2021

“Pharmacy: Always trusted for your health” will be the theme of World Pharmacists Day on 25 September, the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) announced today.

Trust barometers have found that distrust of societal leaders has increased and distrust of information sources is at a record high,(1) fuelled by the COVID-19 pandemic and the infodemic around it. At a time of uncertainty and when vaccines hesitancy remains a major hurdle,(1) public trust in pharmacy is more important than ever.

For many years, pharmacists have consistently been named among the top five most trusted professionals in national surveys.(2,3,4) Educators are also consistently in the top five (2,3) and, according to a recent survey, scientists are the most trusted people in the world.(5) “Pharmacists, educators and scientists — that’s our pharmacy profession,” said FIP president Mr Dominique Jordan.

This year’s World Pharmacists Day campaign is an opportunity for pharmacy to show appreciation for the trust placed in the profession and increase awareness of this trust and pharmacists’ vital role in improving health.

“Evidence indicates a significant association between trust in healthcare professionals and health outcomes for patients.(6) Pharmacy has built up a reserve of trust over many years of caring, positive relationships, expertise and excellent practice, all delivered with consistency. We can put this trust to good use in countering the anti-vaxxers as well as in continuing to improve the health of our communities in general. I invite all my colleagues around the world to join this year’s campaign and spread these important messages,” Mr Jordan added.

More information and campaign materials are available on FIP’s World Pharmacists Day webpage:

This year, FIP is also holding its second World Pharmacy Week (19 to 25 September), which will celebrate the pharmacy profession with a programme of special events to be announced later this year.


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About World Pharmacists Day

World Pharmacists Day was adopted by the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) Council at the 2009 World Congress of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences in Istanbul, Turkey. 25 September was chosen because it is the date that FIP came into existence in 1912. The purpose of World Pharmacists Day is to encourage activities that promote and advocate the role of the pharmacist in improving health in every corner of the world.


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