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2009 Istanbul (Turkey)


September 3

R1 - Forum for innovators : Managing change - Quality work in pharmacies

September 4

R3 - Current trends in community pharmacy in Turkey

September 5

A1 - The World is Sick: Who Owns the Problem?

B1 - Translational Science

C1 - Nanomedicine

C2 - Individualisation of Drug Therapy and Ethical Concerns

D1 - Conducting and Using national and international surveys to advance hospital pharmacy

D2 - Sustainable flow of pharmaceuticals

E1 - Current issues in continuing professional development

E10 - Joint FIP-WHO session: pharmacy workforce development – challenges and strategies

F1 - Cultural and Health beliefs behind the medicine use

F2 - Can Medicine Management improve the use of medicines?

G1 - The 10 best industrial pharmacy contributions of 2009

G2 - Educating patients about how to make use of web-based information sources

September 6

A2 - The Gap Between What We Know and What We Do

C3 - New Strategies in Modern Medicinal Chemistry

C4 - Contribution of pharmacovigilance to public health

C5 - Quality, Safety and Efficacy of Natural Products

D3 - Forum for Policy Makers - Trends in community pharmacy

D3 - Forum for policy makers - Trends in community pharmacy

D4 - Strategies of pharmacists to adapt to an increased competition

E3 - 4th global pharmacy education taskforce consultation

F3 - Sharing information with patients to enhance treatment outcomes

F4 - Combating Antimicrobial resistance for patient safety

G3 - Product quality of biotech drug products: possibilities and limitations for medicinal control

G4 - Pharmaceutical Inspections

H4 - Horizon scanning in the developing world professionalism at the pharmacy: How do we ensure that, independantly of ownership?

H5 - Joint session FIP – IFCC: Clinical Biology in Turkey and Food Allergy

September 7

A3 - What has been Achieved in Improving Patient Outcomes?

A4 - Assuring Better Patient Outcomes

C6 - Understanding the Dissolution Testing and IVIVC

C7 - Environment and Pharmaceuticals

C9 - The future of Pharmaceutical Sciences by 2020

D5 - The practitioners' Day (part 1)

D6 - The practitioners' Day (part 2)

D9 - Conclusions from the 19 May 2009 European Court judgment on pharmacy ownership within the EU

E5 - Distance learning

E6 - Pharmaceutical Education - the use of virtual reality for teaching industrial practice

F5 - Pharmacogenomics - fundamental basis and use in therapeutics

G5 - The challenging world of today’s clinical development

G6 - Current issues on drug and healthcare information

H6 - Symposium on History of Pharmacy (part 1)

H7 - Symposium on History of Pharmacy (part 2)

H8 - Being ready: Knowing the latest Emergency Pharmacy Innovation

September 8

A5 - Being ready: Preparation to ensure positive patient outcomes in a mass casualty situation

A6 - Pharmacists working for improved patient outcomes – short oral communications

C8 - Nuclear Pharmacy (Round Table)

D7 - Public Health role of pharmacists

D8 - The Basel Statements on the Future of Hospital Pharmacy - local experiences.

E7 - AcPS Short Oral Presentations

E8 - How to get your research published?

F6 - Pharmacy practice in the era of pharmacogenomics - Are we ready for the prime time?

G10 - Current pharmaceutical GMP concepts and trends (part 2)

G7 - Compounding (part 1)

G8 - Compounding (part 2)

G9 - Current pharmaceutical GMP concepts and trends (part 1)

Poster and Presentations

Academic Pharmacy

Administrative Pharmacy

Community Pharmacy: New services e-world

Community Pharmacy: Other

Community Pharmacy: Public health

Community Pharmacy: Quality

Industrial Pharmacy

Pharmacy Information


Academic Pharmacy

Administrative Pharmacy

Bioavailability and Bioequivalence

Biopharmaceutics Classification System

Clinical Biology

Community Pharmacy: Compounding

Community Pharmacy: New services e-world

Community Pharmacy: Other

Community Pharmacy: Public health

Community Pharmacy: Quality

Dissolution/In Vitro Release Performance Testing

Hospital Pharmacy

Individualised Medicine

Industrial Pharmacy

Laboratory and Medicines Control Services

Medicinal Chemistry


Natural Substances

Pharmaceutical Biotechnology


Pharmacy Information


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