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2006 Salvadore (Brazil)


August 26

R2 - A Risky Journey? Patient Safety from Home to Hospital and Back

August 27

R2 - A Risky Journey? Patient Safety from Home to Hospital and Back

August 28

G1 - Learning for Practice

G19 - Industrial Pharmacy Education and practice

G2 - Managing Change in Pharmacy Practice

G4 - Reaccreditation: Is a First Degree enough for Life?

G5 - FIP & IPSF Students' Day: Community Pharmacy - Advancing Patient Care

G7 - Current issues on drug and healthcare information

P1 - Innovations in Patient Treatment

S1 - Nanotechnology

S2 - Bioequivalence and BCS

S8 - SIG: Quality Issues

Working Group History of Pharmacy - Short Oral Presentations

August 29

F2 - Infectious diseases - diarrhea

G10 - International regulatory issues for innovative medicines

G11 - Pricing Policy in a Global Market

G12 - Steering committee meeting: Building customer relationships

G13 - Pharmacists as Advocates of Public Health

G8 - The role of the pharmacist in public health

G9 - Web-Originated Consumer Medicines Information – Where Are We Now?

P2 - Innovative Healthcare Delivery

PS1 - Combating Counterfeiting (part 1)

S3 - Biotechnology

S4 - Natural Products research and development

August 30

G14 - Biosimilars: the effect on practice

G15 - Counselling, Concordance and Communication: Innovative Education for Pharmacists

G16 - Short oral presentations of the Community Pharmacy Section

G17 - Training Hospital Pharmacists for the Future

G18 - Innovations in Pharmacy Practice

G6 - Country Specific Approaches in Pharmacoepidemiology and Pharmacoeconomics

P3 - Using Innovations to Improve Patient Safety

P4 - Innovations in Learning and Education

PS2 - Combating Counterfeiting (part 2)

S5 - Quality Assessment of Biotechnological Products

S6 - Nuclear Pharmacy Practice and Science Workshop

Seminar on Good Pharmacy Practice

August 31

G20 - Integration of Electronic Patient Health Record Systems into the Pharmacy

G21 - YPG Educational Forum: Emerging trends in Pharmacy

G22 - Antimicrobial Drug Resistance

G23 - Short oral presentations of the Academic Pharmacy Section

G24 - Patient Care in the 21st Century Marching Forward: Innovations, Experiences and Outcomes

S7 - Pharmacovigilance

Poster and Presentations

Academic Pharmacy

Community Pharmacy

History of Pharmacy

Industrial Pharmacy

Pharmacy Information


Academic Pharmacy

Administrative Pharmacy

Clinical Biology

Community Pharmacy

History of Pharmacy

Hospital Pharmacy

Industrial Pharmacy

Laboratories and Medicines Control Services

Military & Emergency Pharmacy

Pharmacy Information

SIG Bioavailability / Bioequivalence

SIG Individualized Medicines

SIG Natural Substances

SIG Nuclear/Radiologic Pharmacy

SIG Pharmaceutical Biotechnology

SIG Pharmacoeconomics/Pharmacoepidemiology

SIG Quality of Pharmaceuticals


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