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Workforce Reference Guide for FIP Development Goal 5

Welcome to the Workforce Reference Guide for FIP Development Goal 5 Competency development. This guide collates all information, evidence and expertise from FIP to support our members with measuring progress, evaluation, implementation and transformation processes. To access the full Workforce Reference Guide for the FIP Development Goals, click here.

FIP Development Goal 5 Workforce Element

Globally, we will have:

Clear and accessible developmental frameworks describing competencies and scope of practice for all stages of professional careers. This should include leadership development frameworks for the pharmaceutical workforce.


  • Use of evidence-based developmental frameworks to support the translation of pharmaceutical science within scope of practice, across all settings and according to local/national needs.
  • Support professional career development by using tools, such as competency frameworks, describing competencies and behaviours across all settings.
  • Evidence of clear policy that links leadership development (from early years) with competence attainment for the advancement of practice activities.

View all elements of FIP Development Goal 5 here.

FIP frameworks & tools


FIP Reports


FIP Publications

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Workforce Development Hub Global Leads for FIP Development Goal 5


Andreia Bruno-Tome (Australia)

Project manager & lecturer, Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Monash University

Senior Associate Editor Pharmacy Education Journal.



Naoko Arakawa (UK)

Assistant Professor in International Pharmacy, University of Nottingham, School of Pharmacy



Arijana Mestrovic (Croatia)

University of Split, School of Pharmacy, Assistant Professor, Social Pharmacy and Patient Care; Pharma Expert, Consultancy and Education, Director, Professional Affairs



Find out more about the FIP Workforce Development Hub and our other Global Leads here.

We are developing the FIP Global Competency Framework for Educators & Trainers in Pharmacy (GCFE) in collaboration with the FIP Academic Pharmacy Section (AcPS).

Ongoing projects

  • We’re also supporting the development of an FIP Humanitarian Pharmacy Competency Framework - a competency frameworks pharmacists working in the humanitarian arena. This is a collaboration with FIP Military and Emergency Pharmacy Section (MEPS). The Framework is expected to be released in 2021.


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Find out more about the FIP Workforce Reference Guide and explore it fully here

Last update 30 September 2020

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