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FIP Development Goal 5: Competency development


 FIP Development Goal 5 Workforce Element

FIP Development Goal 5 [w]



Globally, we will have:

Clear and accessible developmental frameworks describing competencies and scope of practice for all stages of professional careers. This should include leadership development frameworks for the pharmaceutical workforce.


  • Use of evidence-based developmental frameworks to support the translation of pharmaceutical science within scope of practice, across all settings and according to local/national needs.

  • Support professional career development by using tools, such as competency frameworks, describing competencies and behaviours across all settings.

  • Evidence of clear policy that links leadership development (from early years) with competence attainment for the advancement of practice activities.

View the FIP Workforce Reference Guide for FIP Development Goal 5 Advanced and specialist development here.


FIP Development Goal 5 Practice Element 

FIP Development Goal 5 [p]



Globally, we will have:

Clearly defined developmental frameworks for practitioners describing competencies linked to professional services delivered in practice.  


  • Use evidence-based competency frameworks that support the development of practitioners to deliver specific professional services within their scope of practice, such as medicines use review, adherence optimisation, compounding, prescribing, vaccinatingor managingcommunicable and non-communicable diseases, to name a few.

  • Define lists of essential and advanced services delivered by pharmacists and pharmacy support workers within their scope of practice. 

  • Define lists of competencies needed to deliver those services within specific scopes of practice.

  • Ensure developmental frameworks that support leadership, humanisticand ethics development of the workforce.

  • Support the development and training of service-led competencies through short courses, certifications and other continuing professional development opportunities.


FIP Development Goal 5 Science Element 

FIP Development Goal 5 [s]



Globally, we will have:

Framework describing competencies for all stages of professional careers in pharmaceutical sciences


  • Define evidence-based competency frameworks for pharmaceutical scientists to effectively meet the needs in academia, industry, and regulatory bodies.

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Last update 30 September 2020

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