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Events and webinars

FIP is pleased to bring you announcements of events, meetings and workshops around the world concerning pharmacy practice, the pharmaceutical sciences and global health. For more information on a particular event please click the associated link.

The pharmacist in the prevention and management of vector-borne diseases: a perspective from the Southeast Asian region

A webinar organised by:
19 August 2021

With the publication of the document FIP Vector-Borne Diseases: A Handbook for Pharmacists, produced in collaboration with the Pharmaceutical Forum of the Americas (PFA), the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) offers an overview of these pathologies and notes that pharmacists are uniquely positioned to help communities and patients protect themselves from them. This webinar will describe the most prevalent vector-borne diseases in the Southeast Asian region; subsequently, the pharmaceutical interventions that this professional can carry out will be identified and finally the experiences developed by the SEAR Pham Forum regarding the pharmaceutical approach to Vector Borne diseases will be presented.

1) Recognize the main concepts related to vector-borne diseases.
2) Describe the characteristics and morbidity and mortality of the main vector-borne diseases in the region of the Southeast Asia.
3) Determine the activities that the pharmacist can develop from the pharmacy for the prevention, detection, control, and management of pharmacotherapy of vector-borne diseases.
4) Identify the experiences developed by the SEAR Pham Forum to support the actions of pharmacists in the fight against diseases transmitted by vectors

-T.V. Narayana, President, SEAR Pharm Forum, President Indian Pharmaceutical Association - India
-Manisha Shridhar, Regional Advisor, IPR, Trade&Health, WHO-SEARO - India

- Manjiri Gharat, FIP Vice-President, Vice-President of Indian Pharmaceutical Association (IPA) and Chairperson of IPA Comm.Ph.Division; Executive Committee Member, SEARPharm Forum of FIP and WHO; Principal K. M. Kundnani Pharmacy - India
- Chinta Abayawardana, FIP Members Organization/ Individual Member, General Secretary Pharmaceutical Society of Sri Lanka - Sri Lanka
- David C. Yohanes, Clinical Pharmacist Clinical pharmacist in Bandung Hospital - Indonesia
- Yagya Prasad Neupane, Ex-Chairmen Nepal Pharmacy Council -Nepal

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