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Events and webinars

FIP is pleased to bring you announcements of events, meetings and workshops around the world concerning pharmacy practice, the pharmaceutical sciences and global health. For more information on a particular event please click the associated link.

Pharmacists' involvement in COVID-19 vaccination: Addressing regulatory needs

A webinar organised by: Vaccination
4 February 2021

FIP’s Regulators’ Forum will present a new regulatory vaccination preparedness self-assessment tool and risk assessment. Foundational regulatory needs will be presented to ensure oversight, quality assurance and public protection as the scope of pharmacist’s patient care is expanded to include prescribing, vaccination and testing in order to address population health needs during a pandemic. A brief overview of the data collected by FIP on the role of pharmacists in vaccinations and other FIP documents will also be presented.

Learning Objectives:
- Awareness of the global variation of the pharmacist scope of practice reported FIP global survey
- The valuable and available resource of information contained in the FIP documents regarding pharmacist vaccination and expanded scope of practice.
- Foundational regulatory needs for public protection when expanding the pharmacists’ scope of practice.
- Availability of a vaccination preparedness self-assessment tool.

- Ronald Guse, Chair, FIP Regulators Forum - Canada
- Catherine Duggan, CEO, FIP - The Netherlands

- Gonçalo Sousa Pinto, Lead for Practice Development and Transformation, FIP - The Netherlands
- Lemrey “Al” Carter, Executive Director, National Association of Boards of Pharmacy - USA

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