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Events and webinars

FIP is pleased to bring you announcements of events, meetings and workshops around the world concerning pharmacy practice, the pharmaceutical sciences and global health. For more information on a particular event please click the associated link.

Celebrating three years of Nanjing Conference: How young pharmacy workforce and students can be involved

Speakers: Lina Bader (FIP), Miranda Law (Howard University College of Pharmacy), and Alison Williams (IPSF)

A webinar organised by: Young pharmacists
14 November 2019

On November 2016, the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) brought together pharmacy leaders from across the world to set the future milestones for pharmacy education in a context of workforce development.  “There is no health without pharmacy workforce”, this slogan highlighted the importance of investing in the workforce. In addition to this, engaging youth in workforce development is unavoidable because youth are the future generation! 

FIP YPG is hosting a webinar in collaboration with the FIP Education and the International Pharmaceutical Students' Association (IPSF) on how students and young pharmacy workforce can be involved in the workforce development. If you are interested to know more about how you can engage in workforce development, this webinar is for you!

By the end of this webinar, attendees will be able to: (1) Explore current projects related to Pharmaceutical Workforce Development Goals (PWDGs); (2) Describe current project on Nanjing Assessment tools; (3) Provide examples of young student’s involvement in the Nanjing Outcomes; (4) Reflect on how pharmacy student, next generation of young pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists can be involved.

Last update 12 September 2019

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