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FIP Library

FIP makes it a priority to publish the latest developments in pharmacy practice, pharmaceutical sciences, related global news and prominent events. Our multi-media approach to keeping members, partners and peers informed of what is and will be affecting their area of practice or science is key to keeping information flowing through the FIP network.

2020 Career development toolkit for early career pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists

This resource is aimed at pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists at the beginning of their careers and was created by FIP’s Young Pharmacists Group (YPG) following a survey which identified a need for career development resources. The toolkit covers how to explore diverse career pathways, the career development cycle, how to develop transferable skills, and strategies for successful career changes. 

2020 Career development toolkit for early career pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientistis - Workbook
2018 Leading with emotional intelligence: YPG professional development skills

This document aiming to help young pharmacists learn and practise emotional intelligence skills — and developed by FIP’s Young Pharmacists Group. This YPG members-only benefit outlines sample cases and provides suggestions on how emotional intelligence skills can be used to overcome challenges in different situations.

The FIP Global Pharmaceutical Observatory (GPO) is a worldwide data hub to inform the advocacy work of our members and partners.  

The FIP Atlas is a platform being developed to showcase our members’ needs and priorities (supported by the data from the GPO), allowing us to identify opportunities for developing pharmacy with, for and through our member organisations.  

Latest intelligence and data on the state of pharmacy and pharmaceutical science around the world.  


Last update 28 March 2022

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