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Workforce Reference Guide for FIP Development Goal 4

Welcome to the Workforce Reference Guide for FIP Development Goal 4 Advanced and specialist development. This guide collates all information, evidence and expertise from FIP to support our members with measuring progress, evaluation, implementation and transformation processes. To access the full Workforce Reference Guide for the FIP Development Goals, click here.

FIP Development Goal 4 Workforce Element

Globally, we will have:
Education and training infrastructures in place for the recognized advancement of the pharmaceutical workforce as a basis for enhancing patient care and health system deliverables.


  • Need for a common and shared understanding of what is meant by “specialisation” and “advanced practice” in the context of scope of practice and the responsible use of medicines.
  • Ensure competency and capability of an advanced and expert pharmacist in all sectors (including specialisations extending into industry and administration settings) for greater optimisation of complex pharmaceutical patient care. This may now include prescribing roles within a recognised scope of practice.
  • Systematic use of professional recognition programmes/systems as markers for advancement and specialisation across the workforce, including advanced pharmaceutical scientists.

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FIP frameworks & tools

FIP Global Advanced Development Handbook: Supporting the advancement of the profession (2020)

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Related events & training

Free Introductory Webinar to the FIP Global Advanced Development Framework. Watch here.  


Workforce Development Hub Global Leads for FIP Development Goal 4

    Desak Ernawati (Indonesia)
Academic and researcher, Pharmacology and Therapy, Faculty of Medicine, Universitas Udayana
  Kirstie Galbraith (Australia)
Director, Experiential Development and Graduate Education, Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Monash University
  Arit Udoh (United Kingdom)
Senior Clinical Trial CRD, University of Birmingham

Find out more about the FIP Workforce Development Hub and our other Global Leads here.


    Sherly Meilianti
Research Analyst, Workforce Transformation Programme & Workforce Development Hub Extern


Ongoing projects

  • The Global Leads are working on several publications and projects, the latest of which included updating the FIP Global Advanced Development Framework following a global consultation in 2020. The GADF is currently being translated to several languages too.
  • Current work is being undertaken on terminology and descriptions of key terms and words relating to advanced practice and specialisation.
  • Global research publications reporting on FIP data on advanced and specialist development have been submitted to global journals for review.
  • The GADF is being nationally implemented through the Workforce Transformation Programme in Indonesia and Jordan.

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Find out more about the FIP Workforce Reference Guide and explore it fully here.

Last update 30 September 2020

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