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FIP Development Goal 4: Advanced practice & specialisation



 FIP Development Goal 4 Workforce Element

FIP Development Goal 4 [w]



Globally, we will have:

Education and training infrastructures in place for the recognized advancement of the pharmaceutical workforce as a basis for enhancing patient care and health system deliverables.


  • Need for a common and shared understanding of what is meant by ‘specialisation’ and ‘advanced practice’ in the context of scope of practice and the responsible use of medicines.

  • Ensure competency and capability of an advanced and expert pharmacist in all sectors (including specialisations extending to industry and administration settings) for greater optimisation of complex pharmaceutical patient care. This may now include prescribing roles within a recognised scope of practice.

  • Systematic use of professional recognition programmes, systems and frameworks as markers for advancement and specialisation across the workforce, including advanced pharmaceutical scientists

View the FIP Workforce Reference Guide for FIP Development Goal 4 Advanced and specialist development here.


FIP Development Goal 4 Practice Element

FIP Development Goal 4 [p]



Globally, we will have:

Sector-specific competency and development frameworks and infrastructures for advanced and/or specialised pharmacy practice and people-centred services.


  • Develop practice infrastructures to support advanced practice and specialisation such as board certification, residency training, continuing professional development, proof of attainment of competencies.
  • Establish regulatory requirements for advanced practitioners and specialists in the appropriate settings, to ensure an adequate response to patient needs and optimal integrative care.
  • Establish pathways and plans for the development and delivery of advanced services.
  • Ensure mechanisms are in place so that pharmacists and pharmacy support workers are able to practice at the top of their license.
  • Ensure appropriate recognition of advanced competences and specialisation, and alignment with formal career progression systems and adequate incentives (remuneration and other).
  • Increase capacity for specialised training and/or certification programs.


FIP Development Goal 4 Science Element

FIP Development Goal 4 [s]



Globally, we will have:

Education, training and mentoring to foster innovation and expertise in pharmaceutical sciences.


  • Develop guidance on how specialised pharmaceutical science expertise is acquired in different settings.
  • Establish mechanisms to recognise expertise in pharmaceutical sciences such as patents, fellowship status, grants received, and promotions.
  • Collaborate with industry and academia to define programmes that offer additional mentoring, networking, international exposure, and leadership development for scientists at all levels.


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Last update 30 September 2020

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