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James Cook University

College of Medicine and Dentistry

Pharmacy and Medical Research Building Ð 47, 4811, Townsville, Queensland
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The School of Pharmacy and Molecular Sciences at James Cook University (JCU) in Townsville Australia is part of the Faculty of Medicine Health and Molecular Sciences, which has strong commitment to expanding educational opportunities within north Queensland  and northern Australia, especially in relation to the health professions and since 1997 has directly assisted in increasing the quality of healthcare in the region by aiding in the recruitment and retention of high quality health professionals

Pharmacy, since its inception in 1999 has had as its mission the promotion of excellence in pharmacy through education, research, scholarship and professional engagement. The vision of the pharmacy program is to be recognized regionally, nationally and internationally, as a School based in the tropics, which prepares its pharmacy graduates for practice, enhancing the capacity of the profession in the rural, remote and indigenous communities in which we work.

Pharmacy boasts a modern integrated curriculum, where students are exposed to various modes of teaching across the subject areas: lectures, tutorials, workshops, practicals. Simulated patients are used in workshops and students are allowed to develop as health practitioners by being trained in skills involving not only showing their knowledge in written examinations but orally in counseling and oral presentations and examinations. The JCU Placement Program has been designed to support the modern integrated curriculum and to link this to Pharmacy Student experiences in the practice: community pharmacy, hospital pharmacy, rural and remote pharmacy practice are the three main areas of experiential practice, while other areas available for student placements include, industrial pharmacy, government pharmacy  military pharmacy and various multidisciplinary placements (with doctors, veterinarians, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, dentists etc). Because of the support for the program from pharmacists, especially throughout north Queensland, the program maintains a strong professional engagement which support both teaching and research.  

Pharmacy offers a number of postgraduate qualifications, with flexibility to accommodate the aspirations of students wishing to undertake full time study in both the pharmaceutical sciences, clinical pharmacy and pharmacy practice and those practicing pharmacists wanting to conduct a research project in the practice.

Undergraduate Programmes
Bachelor of Pharmacy [ BPharm]
Bachelor of Pharmacy Honours [ BPharm {HONS} ] – On Course

Postgraduate Programmes
By Research

Bachelor of Pharmacy Honours [ BPharm {HONS} ] – Postgraduate
Master of Pharmacy [ MPharm ]
Doctor of Philosophy [ PhD ]

By Research and Coursework
Masters in Pharmaceutical Public Health [ MPharmPH ]*
Doctor of Pharmacy [ DPharm ]*
*available by distance online

Last update 25 February 2021

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