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Amman Arab University

Faculty of Pharmacy

Jordan Street - Mubis, 11953, Amman
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Amman Arab University (AAU) was founded in 1997 as a non-profitable educational institution to be the first within the private sector to strictly offer master and doctorate degrees in a variety of programs. The university officially commenced business in the beginning of the second semester of the academic year 1999/2000.
The year 2009 was a strategic turning point for AAU. After nearly a decade of its inception, owners and stakeholders decided to launch the undergraduate programs for all the existing faculties within AAU and this upgrade has pushed the university further up in local and regional ranking.
The university avidly aims to attain distinction and to foster the spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation in quality teaching, originality of research work, and community services. Further, with carefully-designed curricula and study plans, AAU pledged to provide the labor market with competent and well-trained graduates who will not only excel in their professions, but also are able to meet the demands and requirements dictated by interested parties. 
The AAU relentlessly aspires to continuously transform to be more modernized, comprehensive, and to build a reputation recognized locally, regionally and internationally. The university offers all academic programs in state-of-the-art facilities that combine both modernity and originality, and our students tread and learn in an environment, which is aesthetically pleasing, academically stimulating, and culturally enriching. 
Amman Arab University adopts an unwavering mentality that advocates pluralism, civilized thinking, and cultural integration. In addition, it disseminates the culture of tolerance, understanding, and accepting the others while it denounces all kinds of violence, fanaticism, and prejudice. Since its inception, AAU has provided the local and Arab community with highly qualified graduates, taught and nurtured at the hand of distinguished faculty members who acquired graduate degrees from highly reputable academic institutions.
In 2016, owners made a strategic decision, which was truly a turning point for AAU, to establish the Faculty of Pharmacy to become soon after that one of the prominent faculties within the university. Since its birth, the faculty has persistently vowed to deliver high quality teaching recognized and accredited by local sister colleges. Further, the Faculty pf Pharmacy continuously encourages, faculty members and students alike, to engage in high quality research addressing pressing issues that are in-line with scientific research priorities dictated by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research that will inevitably benefit the local community. In 2017, a new building was erected to include more research laboratories and academic units in-response to high demands on pharmacy program both locally and regionally. 

Last update 25 February 2021

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