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Future University

Faculty of Pharmacy

Al Tagamoa El Khames , Main Center of Town , End of 90th street, Cairo
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Pharmacy is the profession which is concerned with the art and science of preparing suitable materials from natural and synthetic sources for distribution and use in the treatment and prevention of diseases. It comprises the knowledge of identification, selection, effects, preservation, compounding, analysis, and standardization of medicines. It also consists of the safe distribution and use of drugs prescribed by a physician, dentist, or veterinarian or prepared and sold directly and legally to the consumer.

The physician may prescribe medicines and be concerned principally with their effect on the patient, therapeutic value, and toxicity. The nurse may be concerned with drug administration, route of administration and side effects, but the pharmacist is the only drug expert. Handling of drugs in his legal responsibility. The only educational program that offers the complete and comprehensive program pertinent to all facts of medicines is that offered through the college of pharmacy. Therefore, from that unique position, the pharmacist is the only person who possesses a thorough drug expertise.

The aim of the faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Pharmaceutical Industries to provide the community with graduate pharmacists having the knowledge and experience in the following fields.

1.        Drug industry (Dosage forms, raw materials, packaging materials).
2.        Analysis and quality control either in drug industry, in ministry of public health or in pharmacy administration laboratories.
3.        Community pharmacy and the role of the Pharmacists in health care
4.        Hospital and clinical pharmacy.
5.        Drug storage in drug stores either governmental or private.
6.        Private pharmacies in private hospitals and clinics.
7.        Regulatory control and drug management in ministry of health.
8.        Drug information centers.
9.        Analysis of water and food.
10.      Military pharmacy.
11.      Promotion and drug marketing.
12.      University and research centers.
13.      Medical appliance.
14.      Cosmetics.

Mission Statement

The Mission of the Future University School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences is to:   
1.    Educate and train students to become leading pharmacists and scientists,   
2.    To provide an academic environment which encourages and draws together research, learning and teaching; and engagement with the social, professional and business communities, to underpin high quality academic provision,   
3.    To provide a broad student experience, producing graduates who will be equipped with the tools to continue to learn and develop throughout their careers,  
 4.    To supply graduates to feed and stimulate the wealth-creating industries and commercial activities of the Middle East,   
5.    To advance the industry, the professions and to benefit society,   
6.    To provide the technical and business skills that attract inward investment,   
7.    Advance scientific discovery and development, and   
8.    Maximize global health outcomes through patient care and public service.

This would be provided to all Egyptian students, neighboring Arab countries students and other nation fulfilling eligibility requirements of Egyptian universities.

Last update 25 February 2021

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