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8 November 2018 

Transforming outcomes in the latest IPJ

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“To transform our world” is the simple, overarching vision of the massive programme of work under the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals. These goals, adopted in 2015, are a call to action by all countries to promote prosperity, protect our planet, and address a range of social needs. These goals, which include “Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages” (Goal 3), are also a call to action for our profession to play an important part in transforming our world. This issue of the IPJ contains reports from the 2018 FIP congress that illustrate the many positive changes already taking place within our profession that will improve the quality of life for those in our societies

Don’t miss:

  • Pharmacy “Amazonified”: What it could mean
  • FIP’s new president on modernisation
  • How nanotechnology breakthroughs are transforming cancer care
  • Is antibiotic stewardship always effective?
  • Simplification: The WHO approach to eliminating hepatis C
  • Pharmacogenetics services from community pharmacies
  • How avatars can help improve counselling skills
  • Conflict management: Take the offensive
  • How to develop a strategic perspective for your faculty

And news includes:

  • Biosimilars added to FIP policy on pharmacists’ right to substitute one medicine for another
  • FIP makes first policy statement on pharmacists reducing harm associated with drugs of abuse
  • Pharmacy workforce will continue to grow year on year, study predicts
  • Pharmacists urged to explore services that empower women
  • Ecuador’s health minister joins World Pharmacists Day celebrations
  • Poll shows majority believe that pharmacists should not supply homeopathic products
  • Pharmacists and nurses to prescribe via phone to relieve GP pressure

All this is available now!

FIP members can access the interactive magazine and pdf here.

Last update 15 May 2019

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