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22 February 2017 

Pharmacy support workforce survey findings published

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A descriptive global study of the pharmacy support workforce is released by FIP today. The report, “Technicians and pharmacy support workforce cadres working with pharmacists”, commissioned by FIP’s Board of Pharmaceutical Practice (BPP), aims to give a picture of the varied support workforce between countries. It describes differences in the roles and competencies, responsibilities, supervision of, education, regulation, legislation and liability of the pharmacy support workforce around the world, as well as four specific models that emerged from the data.

“Use this report as a catalyst for your thoughts and find new ways of collaboration with your workforce, according to your local and regional needs and possibilities, in order to improve patient care,” says BPP Chair Dominique Jordan. Independently of which sectors we consider, be it community, hospital, supply chain or emergency pharmacy, collaboration among pharmacists and their workforce is becoming essential, Mr Jordan added.

The launch of this report is accompanied by a free-to-access webinar which will be held on Wednesday 1 March 2017, 20:00 PM - 21:00 PM (Central European Time). More information.

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