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Workforce Reference Guide for FIP Development Goal 6


Welcome to the Workforce Reference Guide for FIP Development Goal 6 Leadership development. This guide collates all information, evidence and expertise from FIP to support our members with measuring progress, evaluation, implementation and transformation processes. To access the full Workforce Reference Guide for the FIP Development Goals, click here.

FIP Development Goal 6 Workforce Element

Globally, we will have:

Strategies and programmes in place that develop professional leadership skills (including clinical and executive leadership) for all stages of career development, including pharmaceutical sciences and initial education and training.


  • Creation of programmes and strategies for the development of leadership skills (including tools and mentoring systems), to support pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists through their careers.
  • Advocacy for leadership development in healthcare teams, linked to collaborative working activities (for example, promotion of team-based approaches to healthcare service delivery).
  • Ideally, this should be linked with competency and foundation and early year career development activities


View all elements of FIP Development Goal 6 here.

FIP Reports


FIP Publications

  • Oyenuga, G.; Law, M.; Parbat, M.; Tofade, T. Implementing an Online Longitudinal Leadership Development Program Using a Leadership-Specific Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Tool. Pharmacy 2020, 8, 79.
  • Pyhtila, Jessica & Beardsley, Robert & Tofade, Toyin. (2014). Usefulness of Reflective Journals in a Continuing Professional Development Process for a Pharmacy Leadership Course. Pharmacy Education. 14. 116-122.

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Workforce Development Hub Global Leads for FIP Development Goal 6


Miranda Law (USA)

Howard University College of Pharmacy, Clinical Assistant Professor.

Minesh Parbat (UK)

Senior Prescribing Advisor - Medicines Optimisation, Pharmaceutical Public Health Team, Dudley NHS Clinical Commissioning Group

Toyin Tofade (USA)

Dean and Professor at Howard University College of Pharmacy


Find out more about the FIP Workforce Development Hub and our other Global Leads here.


  • Young Pharmacists Group
  • Academic Institution Membership (Global Academic Leaders Forum)
  • International Pharmaceutical Students Federation
  • Academic Pharmacy Section
  • Board of Pharmacy Practice
  • Board of Pharmaceutical Science

Ongoing projects

  • We are collaborating with YPG to continue the piloted Online Leadership Development Program 2.0 for Young Pharmacists Group who have completed the leadership development workshop. This program is expected to launch in 2021.
  • We're also working on several publications and projects around leadership development. The first step is to obtain the needs assessment from our members and use it as a guide to develop materials and tools that will serve the membership and stakeholders.
  • Under development is a continuing professional development tool for leadership development of the pharmacy workforce.


Find out more about the FIP Workforce Reference Guide and explore it fully here

Last update 30 September 2020

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