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FIP Development Goal 6: Leadership development


 FIP Development Goal 6 Workforce Element

FIP Development Goal 6 [w]



Globally, we will have:

Strategies and programmes in place that develop professional leadership skills (including clinical and executive leadership) for all stages of career development, including pharmaceutical sciences and initial education and training.


  • Creation of programmes and strategies for the development of leadership skills (including tools and mentoring systems), to support pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists through their careers.

  • Advocacy for leadership development in healthcare teams, linked to collaborative working activities (for example, promotion of team-based approaches to healthcare service delivery).

  • Ideally, this should be linked with competency and foundation and early year career development activities.

View the FIP Workforce Reference Guide for FIP Development Goal 6 Advanced and specialist development here.


FIP Development Goal 6 Practice Element 

FIP Development Goal 6 [p]



Globally, we will have:

Strategies and programmes for professional leadership which incorporates team- and collaborative performance, service development in line with local needs, and clinical leadership which demonstrates responsibility, accountability, decision-making ownership and professional autonomy.



  • Promote the development of leadership skills that warrant professional autonomy and decision-making ownership, clinical responsibility and accountability for patient outcomes, as well as for economic and environmental impacts.

  • Promote the development of leadership in quality assurance of professional performance (one’s own and team performance) and collaborative approaches to healthcare delivery and in reviewing processes accordingly.

  • Recognise clinical leadership as a means to enhancing quality and transforming people-centred clinical services for excellence.

  • Promote the development of professional advocacy skills to empower pharmacists to effectively advocate for the profession to governments, regulators, policy makers and other stakeholders, and to become themselves key decision-makers and influencers at all these levels.


FIP Development Goal 6 Science Element 

FIP Development Goal 6 [s]



Globally, we will have:

Strategies and programmes for scientific leadership are in place to sustain excellence in pharmaceutical sciences research, development, manufacturing, and regulations.


  • Implement mentorship programmes with experienced pharmaceutical sciences leaders in academia, industry, and regulatory bodies.

  • Establish an inventory of quality leadership programs in pharmaceutical sciences to expand professional development opportunities.



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Last update 30 September 2020

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