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World Pharmacists Day

 “Pharmacy united in action for a healthier world” was the theme of World Pharmacists Day on 25 September 2022

The theme highlighted pharmacy’s positive impact on health around the world and aimed to further strengthen solidarity among the profession.

Colleagues from every sector of the pharmacy profession took part in the campaign, including community, hospital, industry, science, education, research and clinical trials, government, regulation and non-governmental organisations, showing the world how we are united for health, regardless of and overcoming conflict, different politics and cultures, and economic disparity.

We thank over 3,000 colleagues, representing at least 140 countries — from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe — who disseminated the campaign message on social media as #WPD2022 champions, with #WorldPharmacistsDay trending on Twitter.

We also thank our member organisations for supporting the campaign with a variety of activities, some of which are highlighted below.



The president of the Pharmacists Order of Albania, Diana Toma, recorded a special WPD message and we welcomed the order’s general secretary, Defrim Goma, as a #WPD2022 champion.


The Algerian Pharmaceutical Federation organised a day on “Patient safety and vaccinology in community pharmacy” in partnership with the Algerian Ministry of Health the European Union in Algeria and the UNDP Algeria, at the Faculty of Pharmacy of Algiers, Ziania.



The campaign message was shared by the Argentinian Pharmaceutical Confederation.



Members of the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia (PSA) celebrated World Pharmacists Day across the country and the PSA shared a special message from the New South Wales Chief Health Officer Kerry Chant.



  Thank you Koen Straetmans, president of the Association of Pharmacists Belgium, for being an early #WPD2022 champion!

Bosnia & Herzegovina

  The Chamber of Pharmacists of the Federation of Bosnia & Herzegovina shared the #WPD2022 message on its website.


The Brazilian Federal Council of Pharmacy took to social media to thank pharmaceutical professionals from over 160 specialties for sustaining health in Brazil.


The Bulgarian Pharmaceutical Union raised awareness of World Pharmacists Day on prescription bags and achieved front page coverage in the national newspaper 24 Chasa. In an opinion piece published in the newspaper, Venelin Sapunarov, as one of the representatives of the union, advocated the value of pharmacists and took the opportunity to highlight issues such as pharmacist salaries and other rights, prescription costs for patients and the need for electronic prescribing. The information was also published on other online news sites. The Bulgarian Pharmaceutical Union also organised and broadcast a press conference on 25 September.


The Canadian Pharmacists Association highlighted that Canadians recognise the need to expand and fund additional health services in communities. They also shared the finding of a new survey that 90% think pharmacists can help address gaps in care caused by the current shortage of health providers.

China Taiwan

We thank a number of pharmacy leaders in Taiwan for supporting this year’s campaign by becoming #WPD2022 champions. Special thanks to Jack Chen, director general of the Taiwan Society of Health-System Pharmacists and for providing translations of materials in traditional Chinese.

Costa Rica

Thank you president Dr Lidiette Fonseca of the College of Pharmacists of Costa Rica for championing #WPD2022!


  Thank you to Dario Briski, CEO of the Croatian Pharmaceutical Society for being a #WPD2021 champion!


  Colegio de Químicos, Bioquímicos y Farmacéuticos de Pichincha highlighted the role of pharmacists in responsable use of medicines.


Thank you to vice president Dr Eskinder Ali of the Ethiopian Pharmaceutical Association for being a #WPD2021 champion!


  The Association of Finnish Pharmacies focused on pharmacists’ expertise in medicines.


The French Chamber of Pharmacists highlighted the service of the profession to public health and Pierre-Olivier Variot, president of the French Community Pharmacists Union penned a WPD blog outlining three ideas that could be implemented quickly to advance the profession.


Thank you to ABDA (the Federal Union of German Associations of Pharmacists) for sharing the campaign.



Coverage of World Pharmacists Day by the national media was accomplished by the Pharmaceutical Society of Ghana and its regional branches, which held a number of events, across the country, from engaging the media on specific topics such as obesity to giving health talks and performing screening for diseases.


  The Active Pharmacists for Medical Rebirth by Sanitary Information and Formation from Haïti held an online conference discussing why pharmacists are known as the protector of patients.


We thank president Dr TV Naranya of the Indian Pharmaceutical Association and its other distinguished officers for being #WPD2022 Champions. Many events were held across India for WPD and World Pharmacy Week!


The Indonesian Pharmacists Association (IAI) coordinated numerous celebrations across the country, which were reported on by television stations. Events included:

  • Promotion of healthy exercise
  • Educating the public on tuberculosis, diabetes and COVID-19 vaccination by podcast and face to face
  • Free blood glucose testing, blood pressure measurements and medicines consultations
  • Live stream with the IAI president and the central committee
  • Discussion and Q&A about medicines with the public, including door prize to public
  • Blood donations in collaboration with the Indonesian Red Cross.
  • Media promotion
  • Raising awareness of drug abuse and addictive substances
  • A talk show on antimicrobial resistance stewardship and educating public on the use of antimicrobials


Federfarma highlighted that “for citizens, the pharmacy represents the closest local health centre and the pharmacist is the professional ready to welcome them every day”.



  The wide range of services available from pharmacies was promoted by the Irish Pharmacy Union.


Jordan Pharmacists Association invited pharmacists to use a celebratory frame for their profiles


  A webinar on the theme “Pharmacy united in action for a healthier world” was broadcast by the Pharmaceutical Society of Kenya.


The Kosova Chamber of Pharmacists focused the WPD message on professionalism.


The Lebanese order of Pharmacists shared FIP’s 2022 WPD message on its social media.


The Kuwait Pharmaceutical Association celebrated science and practice.


Lithuanian Pharmaceutical Association president Prof. Dr Ona Ragažinskienė’s WPD message conveyed
the value of pharmacists in health systems.


Ordre National des Pharmaciens de Madagascar raised awareness of the various roles of pharmacists with the public at Antaninarenina Garden in the capital city. The event included speaking with young people and educating the public on the importance of getting medicines from reliable sources. In addition, there was blood donation and a vaccination drive.


In addition to the World Pharmacists Day Celebration 2022 organised by the Malaysian Pharmacists Society (MPS) Young Pharmacists Chapter in collaboration with the Malaysian Pharmacy Students' Association (MyPSA), the MPS launched a video competition called “My Little Pharmacist”, which was covered by national television, in which children were educated on the role of the pharmacist. The society also used the day to encourage call on Malaysia’s pharmacists to join it.



Thank you to president Mary Ann Sant Fournier of the Malta Chamber of Pharmacists for being a #WPD2021 champion!


  The WPD 2022 message was shared by the Royal Dutch Pharmacists Association (KNMP).

New Zealand

The New Zealand Pharmaceutical Society highlighted pharmacy’s impact on health.


The Pakistan Pharmacists Association’s Word Pharmacist Day celebrations included a delegation to Manawan Hospital Lahore.


The Philippine Pharmacists Association championed #WPD2022 with its president Gilda Sebua-Saljay recording a message to Filipino pharmacists against the backdrop of FIP’s 80th World Congress of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences in Seville. “It feels great to be with other pharmacists from different parts of the globe, in one venue, sharing challenges and best practices,” she said as she played tribute to Filipino pharmacists for their contribution to a healthier world and especially through providing vaccinations. The association created a Twibbon for its members and its branches organised a number of activities.



Thank you to president Cristina Pavel of the Ethica Independent Pharmacies Association for being a #WPD2021 champion!


The General Pharmaceutical Council of Spain used the occasion of World Pharmacists Day to advocate pharmacy to ministers at the Parliament of Andalusia in Seville. At the event, the GPCS officially declared its joining of the World Pharmacists Day campaign and made a renewed commitment to the health of patients on behalf of Spanish Pharmacists.

Sri Lanka

The Pharmaceutical Society of Sri Lanka celebrated World Pharmacist at Asiri Central Hospital Auditorium, where keynote Prof. Nithushi Samaranayake spoke about pharmacists in improving medication safety. A joint event with pharmacists and pharmacy students focused on new medicines and patient counselling.


To draw attention to the important work of pharmacists, the Swedish Pharmacists Association appointed Sweden's Pharmacist of the Year on World Pharmacists Day: Karolina Antonov.


The Pharmaceutical Society of Tanzania organised a demonstration held at the University of Health and Allied Sciences, Muhimbili.


The Pharmaceutical Society of Thailand invited the profession to join World Pharmacist Day and World Pharmacy Week events focusing on challenges and opportunities for pharmacy in pandemic era. It also adapted FIP WPD campaign materials into Thai posters and ensured that the 2022 message was shared by the National News Bureau.


The Turkish Pharmacists’ Association announced a “Great Pharmacists Meeting” in Ankara on 16 October, inviting pharmacists to gather in the squares and be counted in their support of patients, the profession and a healthier society.


  The Pharmaceutical Society of Uganda supported the campaign on social media.


United Arab Emirates

Thank you president Dr Mariam Galadari of the Emirates Pharmacy Association for being a #WPD2022 champion!


  The American Pharmacists Association took part in the global campaign.


The Syndicate of Community Pharmacy Owners, in collaboration with the pharmacy department at Al-Saeda University in Sanna, marked WPD 2022 by highlighting the importance of the pharmacy profession and the role of the pharmacist to ensure the quality and safe use of medicines with a large gathering of pharmacists and academics, led by Dr Mohamed Al-nuzili, president of the syndicate. The event was held under the slogan “united for better community health and better reality for pharmacists”.


The Pharmaceutical Society of Zimbabwe marked WPD2022 by raising awareness of drug abuse.

If your organisation would like to share its WPD2022 activities, please email

The theme of World Pharmacists Day 2023 will be announced in March 2023. Follow FIP on social media for news.

Last update 7 October 2022

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