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17 November 2023 

Expanding role of pharmacies in point-of-care testing highlighted in a new FIP report

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Point-of-care testing (POCT) in community pharmacies is becoming more common, according to a new FIP global intelligence report published today. Gathering evidence from a literature review, findings from a survey of 25 countries, 11 case studies and the discussion of a FIP insight board, the report offers an overview of pharmacist-led POCT interventions around the world.

POCT services include a wide range of health tests, and the report highlights significant correlations with positive health outcomes and cost savings. “Providing these services in pharmacies is an invaluable tool for the early detection and management of diseases, as well as for triaging patients and referring if needed,” said Inês Nunes da Cunha, FIP practice development and transformation projects manager and co-author of the report.

However, obstacles such as lack of reimbursement, collaborative practice models, IT solutions and regulatory barriers hinder widespread implementation, the report says.

Last update 15 May 2019

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