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25 May 2022 

We need a multilingual database of medicines information, FIP tells World Health Assembly

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FIP today urged the World Health Organization to develop and operate an international multilingual database of medicines information. 

Speaking on the agenda item on preparedness for and response to health emergencies at the 75th World Health Assembly, FIP president Dominique Jordan explained that, currently, medicines package inserts are only available in the languages of the country where the marketing authorisation for a medicine is granted and this is a significant barrier to the safe use of medicines in our increasingly diverse societies, which include refugees. The database would be accessible via a QR code on medicines packaging, he said.

FIP is also a member of two constituencies giving statements on the draft non-communicable diseases (NCD) roadmap and on human resources for health during the assembly. On NCDs, the constituency will say that effective NCD care could only be achieved through the integrated and complementary roles of a multidisciplinary healthcare team consisting of general practitioners and specialist medical doctors, nurses, pharmacists, dentists, physiotherapists and other health and social workers. It will also say that increased public investment in prevention strategies is critical. On human resources for health, the statement includes a call for legally binding strategies to guarantee the safety of health personnel, especially in high-risk settings.

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