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27 June 2018 

IPJ focuses on healthy ageing

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Core concepts of the “Global Strategy and Action Plan on Ageing and Health,” adopted by the World Health Assembly in 2016, include valuing older people in society, and helping them to build and maintain optimal functional ability as well as to preserve their autonomy despite losses in physical or cognitive capacity.

This first-ever global strategy on healthy ageing reflects serious concerns over how we are to provide for ageing populations and pursues a vision of “a world in which everyone can live a long and healthy life”. The question is no longer how to increase our lifespan, but how to prolong our “healthspan”. Key to this global strategy is collaboration among governments, service providers, product developers, academics and older people themselves. Moreover, the document asserts that “to enable older people to age in a place that is right for them, services should be situated as close as possible to where they live”. What better argument for the importance of the pharmacist, as the most accessible healthcare professional in our communities, in implementing this plan!

But does the profession fully recognise the needs of this strategy and the opportunities it provides? This issue of the IPJ is all about how pharmacists are currently providing solutions, and what they could offer in future.

Don’t miss

  • Is there a Holy Grail medicine? (Will we one day be supplying drugs to slow ageing?)
  • Geropsychiatry: Mental illness treatment carries on through old age
  • Tackling dementia: New drugs, new approaches, new hope
  • How pharmacies are helping to create age-friendly communities     
  • Why we should take a life-course approach to vaccination        
  • Preparing our workforce to care for older adults       
  • Geriatric syndromes: Opportunities for pharmacists
  • Helping older people living with HIV to live well
  • Interview with FIP’s new chief executive officer

And news includes:

  • New report on adherence in elderly lists pharmacy interventions with supportive evidence
  • Pharmacists’ supply chain expertise must be used to improve access to medicines, FIP says
  • FIP’s work highlighted in WHO director general’s report on medicines shortages
  • New fake medicines awareness work
  • Framework for health worker training on AMR published
  • FIP Bureau commissions membership review
  • World Pharmacists Day 2018 to promote pharmacists’ expertise

All this is available now!

FIP members can access the interactive magazine and pdf here.

Last update 15 May 2019

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