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Events and webinars

FIP is pleased to bring you announcements of events, meetings and workshops around the world concerning pharmacy practice, the pharmaceutical sciences and global health. For more information on a particular event please click the associated link.

Enabling life-course immunisation through pharmacy-based vaccination: Launch of a new FIP Pandemic Preparedness report

A webinar organised by:
16 August 2023

Following the pandemic, how to continue to lead the profession globally and support our members during those uncertain times became a core priority for FIP in 2023. As we move on from responding directly to COVID-19 to responding to the aftermath and to readying ourselves for future pandemics and health emergencies, FIP sought to derive key lessons, recommendations and considerations for the future in another report, “Pandemic Preparedness, Response and Recovery: Lessons Learnt for Global Pharmacy” which will be launched at the digital event on August 16.

The event moderators are:
- Sherly Meilianti – FIP Data and Intelligence Specialist
- Farah Aqqad – FIP Regional, Enngagement Support and Development Manager
- Nour Eltahla – FIP Projects coordinator for equity, sustainability policy and development, The Netherlands

The event speakers are:
- Lina Bader – FIP Lead for equity, sustainability policy and development, The Netherlands
- Rao Vadlamudi - Immediate Past President, Indian Pharmaceutical Association (IPA); Professional Secretary, SEARPharm Forum, India
- Jackie Maimin, Chief Executive Officer, Independent Community Pharmacy Association (ICPA); Council member, Pharmaceutical Society of South Africa, South Africa
- Rony Zeenny, Director, Department of Pharmacy, American University of Beirut Medical Centre; INSPECT-LB, Lebanon
- Clare Fitzell, Head of Strategic Policy, Irish Pharmacy Union, Ireland
- Leonor Soares, International Affairs, Portuguese Pharmaceutical Society, Portugal
- Nobuo Yamamoto, President, Japan Pharmaceutical Association, Japan
- Maria Mendes, Area Manager, Public Health Interventions and Pharmacy Services, National Association of Pharmacies, Portugal
- Sofía Segura, University of Costa Rica and College of Pharmacists of Costa Rica, Costa Rica
- Mary Ann Sant Fournier, President, Malta Chamber of Pharmacists, Malta

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