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Events and webinars

FIP is pleased to bring you announcements of events, meetings and workshops around the world concerning pharmacy practice, the pharmaceutical sciences and global health. For more information on a particular event please click the associated link.

The role of pharmacists in tobacco cessation

A webinar organised by:
31 May 2023

Tobacco use is a global health problem with 1.13 billion smokers and 8 million deaths annually, including 1.2 million from second-hand smoke. It is a burden on individuals, communities and economies, causing various diseases and preventable deaths. Tobacco is a major risk factor for non-communicable diseases such as chronic respiratory and cardiovascular diseases, cancer and diabetes. At this event, FIP will launch a new handbook to support pharmacists and their organisations in providing a range of tobacco cessation services. This will be accompanied by a reference guide identifying the knowledge and skills pharmacists need to provide such services.

- Lars-Åke Söderlund, FIP Vice President International Pharmaceutical Federation - Sweden

- Dongbo Fu, Medical Officer for Tobacco Cessation World Health Organization - Switzerland
- Tan Ching Siang, Dean, School of Pharmacy KPJ Healthcare University College - Malaysia
- Darush Attar-Zadeh, Clinical Fellow Respiratory Pharmacist North West London Integrated Care Board, RightBreathe - United Kingdom (England)
- Inês Nunes da Cunha, FIP Practice Development and Transformation Projects Manager FIP - The Netherlands
- Dalia Bajis, Lead for provision and partnerships FIP - The Netherlands

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