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Events and webinars

FIP is pleased to bring you announcements of events, meetings and workshops around the world concerning pharmacy practice, the pharmaceutical sciences and global health. For more information on a particular event please click the associated link.

Pharmacy-based nutrition care: How nutrition impacts heart health

A webinar organised by:
3 November 2022

How nutrition impacts heart health is the focus of this event, the last and final one in the 'Food for thought: Pharmacists' role in healthy nutrition.' The webinar aims to examine the interlinks between nutrition and heart health, its role in the prevention and management of cardiovascular diseases, how pharmacy-based nutrition services can support patients with heart conditions.

The event aims to:

  • Understand how nutrition impacts heart health
  • Describe the importance of pharmaceutical care for heart health with a focus on supplements
  • Highlight the important role of pharmacists in improving heart health and preventing cardiac disease.

- Jaime Acosta, FIP-CPS Professional Secretary, Community pharmacist Farmacia Acosta, Spain

- Philip Calder, President, Federation of European Nutrition Societies, Head of the School of Human Development and Health at the University of Southampton, UK
- Inês Nunes da Cunha, FIP Practice Development and Transformation Projects Manager, Portugal
- Esraa Altawil, Consultant Clinical Pharmacist King Saud University Medical City, Saudi Arabia

Last update 12 September 2019

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