Health and social sectors working together to reduce inequalities and promote inclusion on access to medicines.
Dignitude - programme abem:

  • At: 2017 FIP Congress in Seoul (South Korea)
  • Type: Poster
  • By: RIBEIRO, Filipa (Portugal)
  • Co-author(s): Maria João Toscano : Dignitude, Coimbra, Portugal
    Maria João Afonso: Dignitude, Coimbra, Portugal
    Ana Benito-Garcia: Dignitude, Coimbra, Portugal
    Joana Carvalho: Dignitude, Coimbra, Portugal
    Pedro Ferreira: ANF, Lisbon, Portugal
    Sónia Queirós: ANF, Lisbon, Portugal
    Filipa Ribeiro: ANF, Lisbon, Portugal
  • Abstract:


    First programme promoted by Dignitude, a private institution of social solidarity founded by the Portuguese pharmacy association, pharmaceutical industry association and social economy institutions. It was constituted a fund through a strategy of fundraising of global dimension and mobilizing the whole civil society.  Social and economic..

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