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25 May 2023 

Forum on pharmacy held during WHA 76

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Leveraging the expanded role of pharmacists for resilient health systems was the topic of discussion at a forum held yesterday in Geneva, Switzerland, by the Pharmaceutical Society of Taiwan, supported by FIP. FIP vice presidents Lars-Åke Söderlund and Prosper Hiag were speakers at this side event to the 76th World Health Assembly. Mr Söderlund drew focus to the area of medicines shortages. He said that medicine and vaccine shortages are a problem affecting rich and poor countries alike and that the expertise of pharmacists is key in addressing them. “Finding a permanent solution for shortages is critical for achieving global health goals,” he said. Dr Hiag spoke about the expanded role of pharmacists during and beyond the COVID-19 pandemic, protecting progress and preparing for the future. He gave examples of how pharmacists are playing an essential part in health systems. In the USA alone, nearly 45% of all COVID vaccine doses have been administered by pharmacies, he said. “Pharmacy must be included in the recovery of health care,” he added. The event was opened by the Pharmaceutical Society of Taiwan’s president Jaw-Jou Kang and FIP CEO Catherine Duggan. Dr Duggan said that FIP’s “unwavering dedication” to promoting pharmacy as a vital healthcare profession has been “instrumental” in shaping policies and driving positive change across the globe. “By advocating for expanded scopes of practice and fostering strong partnerships with other healthcare professionals, FIP is driving the integration of pharmacists into comprehensive patient care, including in the prevention and management of non-communicable diseases, in tobacco cessation, in the provision of primary healthcare services including vaccination, in the use of assistive technologies, and in empowering our communities for responsible self-care as a pillar of universal health coverage,” she said.

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