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Brawijaya University

Faculty of Medicine

Jl. Veteran Malang, 65145, East Java
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On February 9, 1972, IDI Malang Branch issued a stand for Medical College of Malang (STKM) to look for a way to change its status to be a state institution. Then the College Foundation of East Java formed STKM nationalization Committee. The nationalization effort is successful, because nationalization policies of private colleges that have been closed can be reopened for STKM. Finally, on January 1, 1974 out of the Decree of Ministry of Education and Culture No. 001/0/1974 about nationalization of the faculty, and inaugurated by the Minister of Education and Culture, on February 23, 1974 in conjunction with the Open Meeting of the Senate to commemorate the 11th Dies Natalis of the University of Brawijaya.

Vision and Mission

The Vision of the Medical Faculty is to be a foremost institution so that it can provide professional doctor in medical service, research, and education.

The Mission of the Medical Faculty is to provide better quality in education experience and medical art, and commitment to teach student into a personality with ethical standard, high dedication, and good competence.

Undergraduate (S-1) Program :
1.    Medical Education   
2.    Nursing Science   
3.    Nutritional Science   
4.    Dentistry   
5.    Pharmacy   
6.    Midwifery

Last update 25 February 2021

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