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Duquesne University

Mylan School of Pharmacy

306 Bayer Learning Center, 15282-1504, Pittsburgh, PA
United States
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For more than 80 years, the Mylan School of Pharmacy has been one of the most respected schools of pharmacy in the country, due to its leadership in preparing graduates for rewarding careers as they face future challenges and opportunities.

Strategic initiatives of the school focus on several key areas:  
 •    active learning culture   
•    continuous professional development   
•    interdisciplinary/translational research   
•    cultural competence/diversity   
•    and medication therapy management.

Encouraging a culture of academic competence and diversity, the School has long been at the forefront of growth and change in its approach to developing innovative degree programs in the pharmaceutical and clinical, social-behavioral and administrative sciences. The Mylan School of Pharmacy is recognized as the first school in the nation to meet ever-changing healthcare needs by offering the only weekend Pharm.D. and Health Care Supply Chain Management degrees.

Integrated Research Programs

Our cutting-edge approach is perhaps most evident in our academic research centers. Here, translational research, teaching and practice are integrated in a culture that promotes student engagement, involvement in all areas of professional education and practice, ethical behavior and problem solving.

Because of these ongoing, innovative approaches, we have:   
•    nearly 100 percent of students gaining immediate placement in employment and advanced studies for more than two decades   
•    national recognition, with faculty members ranking third among private pharmacy schools for National Institutes of Health research fundingThe Mylan School of Pharmacy continues to maintain and enhance its impressive reputation as a partner and leader in global pharmacy education.

Last update 25 February 2021

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