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Gadjah Mada University

Faculty of Pharmacy

Sekip Utara, 55281, Yogyakarta
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As for your information, the higher education of pharmacy at this faculty is the oldest one (established on September 27, 1946) and one of the best among approximately 63 higher educations of pharmacy in Indonesia. Both Undergraduate and Graduate Programs have been accredited by National Accreditation Board with “A” grade or excellent note, certified by ISO 9001:2008.

In the faculty, there are 4 programs i.e.: (1) Bachelor Degree (Hons) or S1 Program, (2) Professional Education (Pre-Registration Training/clerkship), (3) Master Degree or S2 Program, and (4) Doctorate Degree or S3 Program

The Bachelor Degree Program is divided into 3 majors i.e.:(1) Community and Clinical Pharmacy, (2) Pharmaceutical Science and Industry, and (3) Natural Product Pharmacy. Whereas, the Master Degree Program has also majors as follows: (1) Pharmaceutical Science and Technology, (2) Pharmacy Management, (3) Clinical Pharmacy.The number of S1 students achieve 850 people, professional degree about 250 student, master degree of 300 students and doctoreate degree of 35 people.  There are 86 educational staff and majority are PhD holders among them 45 professors and associate professors and the rest are master degree holders. The faculty has collaboration with domestic and overseas institutions in the fields of education, research and public services.

Last update 25 February 2021

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