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YPG activities

At the FIP congress

During FIP’s World Congress, the YPG leads sessions and workshops either independently or in collaboration with FIP Sections/SIGs. Topics organised by the YPG for recent FIP annual congresses include:

  • Professional Development Tools to Advance Your Pharmacy Career (2018)
  • Breakthroughs in Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology for Oral Delivery of Anticancer Drugs (2018)
  • From Theriaca to Pharmacogenetic Medicines: Pharmacy History (2018)
  • The Renaissance of Community Pharmacy: Is it Time to Let Go of Dispensing? (2018)
  • How to Achieve Good Public Health Across Cultures (2016)
  • The Pharmacist is Online: Social Media for Beginners (2016)
  • Complementary and Herbal Medicines: From Lab to Community (2015)
  • Pharmacy Needs More Leaders — How to Respond (2015)

In 2018, we hosted our inaugural two-day Leadership Development Workshop (LDW) in collaboration with FIP and the FIP Academic Pharmacy Section. Some of the topics discussed included project management skills, succession planning, leadership styles, how to run effective meetings, and communication skills.

FIP YPG members who participated in the inaugural Leadership Development Workshop in Glasgow, Scotland on 1st and 2nd September 2018

We also host special social events at the congress, including a reception for first-timers and the infamous YPG night. 

YPG Night, Glasgow, 2018

Other activities that occur at Congress are the recognition of YPG grant/award recipients, YPG Assembly meetings, and Steering Committee elections. One of the best parts of attending Congress is reuniting with old friends and establishing new relationships around the world!


We keep our members informed with newsletters at least four times a year.

Career support

The YPG is working on support materials to its members in their professional development. The first of these materials is “Leading with emotional intelligence”.  

Work with students

The YPG maintains good relations with the International Pharmaceutical Students Federation (IPSF) and the European Pharmaceutical Students’ Association (EPSA). In the past, the YPG has hosted webinars and workshops for their members and congress delegates.

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