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 100 Pharmacists talking

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The Pharmabridge project aims to strengthen pharmaceutical services and pharmacy education in developing and transitional countries through coordinated support from pharmacy establishments in developed countries. Click here to read more.

Community Pharmacy Section


  • to improve the professional standards of pharmacy and encourage realisation of the social aims of the profession as a part of public health and as a pharmaceutical service to the community;
  • to plan and be responsible for the activities of FIP in the field of community pharmacy; in particular:

o  to provide and exchange information which will assist in the co-ordination and improvement of the scientific, technical and professional activities of pharmacists in community pharmacy;
o  to organise meetings for members of the Section during FIP Congresses: ‘World Congress of Pharmacy' and 'World Congress of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences’ in accordance with the general programme approved for such Congresses;
o  to study and report upon any matter of interest to pharmacists in community pharmacy.

Near Future Vision

There is an envisioned future for community pharmacy where it’s importance is largely acknowledged for the added value it brings to health care in general and medicines use in particular.

In this future:

  • there is adequate access to pharmacists;
  • there is adequate access to quality medicines, guaranteed by a safe and secure distribution system;
  • the pharmacy team optimises patient outcomes and is key to the effective, rational and safe use of medicines;
  • the pharmacist delivers patient-centred services in cooperation with other healthcare professionals, in areas such as health promotion, disease prevention and chronic disease management;
  • pharmacies act as a gateway to the healthcare system and are central to its sustainability;
  • pharmacists services are remunerated according to the expertise and complexity of the care provided.

The community-based pharmacist:

  • is an expert in pharmaceutical care, pharmacotherapy and health promotion;
  • is a professional communicator to patients, other health care providers and decision-makers;
  • delivers a high quality of products, services and communication, and;
  • documents his/her actions, communicates the outcomes to professional colleagues.


The CPS mission is:

  • to assist pharmacists, wherever they live and practise, in the delivering of medicines, health products and services that will improve medicine use and advance patient care.

The Community Pharmacy Section will support the community-based pharmacist in:

  • providing professional development within pharmaceutical care, pharmacotherapy, health promotion, communication and documentation;
  • offering a platform for professionals and leaders;
  • increasing the focus from product to services, and;
  • increasing the awareness and involvement of the (national) professional bodies in the mission of the Community Pharmacy Section.

The Community Pharmacy Section undertakes many initiatives within the framework of the objectives.



OTC Advisor

The Community Pharmacy Section now offers Continuing Education modules ‘the OTC Advisor’.

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  Pharmacists involvement in Vaccinations and Immunizations

Pharmacists involvement in Vaccinations and Immunizations is now available for our members use! Click here and you can study the vaccine technologies and pharmacists role in vaccinations.



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