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Using technology to combat counterfeit medical products

Technology developers meet manufacturers, wholesalers and regulators


13 to 15 February 2008

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Singapore, 13-15 February 2008

Using Technology to Combat Counterfeit Medical Products

Technology developers meet manufacturers, wholesalers and regulators


The World Health Organization (WHO), in partnership with the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP), is inviting you to participate in a ground breaking initiative in the fight against counterfeit medicines: the 1st IMPACT Global Forum. Convening in Singapore from the 13th to 15th February 2008, and building on the outcome of first IMPACT anti-counterfeiting technologies meeting (Prague - March 2007 ), this Forum will bring together technology developers and   regulatory authorities from more than 40  countries around the world.

The Forum is part of the IMPACT technology sub-group’s continued commitment to “establish an ongoing dialogue between drug regulatory authorities, technology providers and other stakeholders, in order to continually assess recent trends in anti-counterfeiting technologies, to keep member States informed and, when appropriate, provide recommendations about new technologies available to fight counterfeit medical products”.

We are extending to your company an invitation to provide input into the discussions that will take place at this important Forum. This meeting offers opportunities to interact with participants on a variety of comprehensive levels, including dedicated presentation sessions complementary to exhibition booths, one-on-one discussions and networking with policy makers from around the world.

Through interaction with Forum participants via the exhibition and 20 minute presentation slots in the main programme, you are invited to showcase the innovative solutions that you have developed to help combat counterfeit medical products.  The Forum is also inviting up to two representatives from each company setting up and exhibit to attend the Forum as observers. The IMPACT Global Forum on Anti-counterfeiting Technologies is also a unique gathering of the members of IMPACT's technology and regulatory implementation working groups,  offering stakeholders the communicative and interactive possibilities that foster tangible solutions. As such, we welcome your input, expertise and vision.

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The IMPACT Global Forum – the first of its kind to invite YOU to keep international governments and global health authorities informed