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Using technology to combat counterfeit medical products

Technology developers meet manufacturers, wholesalers and regulators


13 to 15 February 2008

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IMPACT will aim to achieve the following main goals:

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General meeting

IMPACT will be guided by the General Meeting. The Secretariat will develop guidance principles and a practical mechanism to ensure the effective operation of the General Meeting, the necessary geographical balance, a balanced representation of governmental and non-governmental participants, and the regular presence of relevant international organizations and representatives of patients’ and health professionals’ organizations.

The General Meeting will review the reports and proposals presented to it by the Planning Group and, where appropriate, will recommend all or part of their content for endorsement by the respective IMPACT Participants, in light of the IMPACT goals and objectives.  The responsibilities of the General Meeting will furthermore be to put forward proposals and make recommendations on matters within the IMPACT goal and objectives to IMPACT Participants.

It is intended that these General Meetings will be held only at the IMPACT Global Forums, at least once a year.

For more information on past proceedings, please visit our archive.