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Working Groups

National Strategic Plans for the Development and Use of Medicines Information

The Working Group (WG) has been active since October 2012. The aim of this WG is to consider the key elements that should be included in a national strategic plan for medicines information and identify practical steps that can be taken by pharmacists to strengthen medicines information development and provision in their home countries.


To date, the WG has completed a needs analysis through an Internet member survey of all FIP sections’ members in 2013, and collected information about existing MI development strategies or policies, identified primarily using online websites. Furthermore, the WG has organized and held a 3 hour session during the Bangkok 2014 FIP Congress entitled: Experiences in developing and implementing national medicines information strategies. Presenters discussed global as well as regional MI policies and strategies, covering stand-alone policies and those embedded in broader medicines management policies.


The FIP Executive Committee accepted a Terms of Reference paper of this work and during 2015 - 2016 a FIP Reference paper will be written. The overall process goal is to ensure that pharmacists are engaged at all levels of practice in order to promote the role of the pharmacist in the strategic development and implementation of national medicines information (MI) policies and practices.


For more information, please contact Katri Hämeen-Anttila (

Medicines Information Working Group (2005-2012)

This Group was formed in 2005 as the 'Access to Drug Information Working Group'. The members sought to focus attention on the activities of pharmacists who specialised in providing information support for clinical practice and rational use of medicines. Specific projects were:
- revision of a WHO document 'Requirements for Drug Information Centres' (2005);
- draft document 'Role of the Pharmacist as a Medicines Information Specialist' (2006);
- contributions to Pharmacy Information pharmacovigilance seminars prior to the congresses in Cairo, Salvador Bahia and Beijing (2005-2007);
- pre-Congress seminars: Istanbul (2009) 'Developing Medicines Information', Lisbon (2010) 'Resources to Support Medicines Information Services', and Hyderabad (2011) 'Pharmacovigilance and medicines Information to Enhance Patient Safety';
- Global Survey of Medicines Information Centres (2010) by Carlos Vidotti;
- development and revision of 'Open Access Sources of Medicines Information' for Pharmabridge website.