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Australia holds Future of Pharmacy Stakeholder Forum

Following the release by PSA of the Issues Paper on the Future of Pharmacy in Australia a meeting was convened on Friday 23 July to discuss the need for a whole-of-profession vision for the future of pharmacy. The Forum was
attended by nominees from eleven peak pharmacy organisations representing all sectors of the profession.

In the face of the identified issues and opportunities, participants agreed that a need exists for a whole-of-profession vision for the future of pharmacy in this country and recognised that the active participation of all pharmacy
groups is required for the realisation of such a vision for Australian pharmacy.

A high-level process was identified by participants to reach agreement on a whole-of-profession vision for the future of pharmacy and the need was also recognised for an agreed process on how to implement the vision.

Participants undertook to seek the commitment of their respective organisations to commence the processes necessary to develop a whole-of profession vision for Australian pharmacy and agreed to meet again within
two to three months.

Participants in the Future of Pharmacy Stakeholder Forum were nominated by:
Australian Association of Consultant Pharmacy
Australian College of Pharmacy
Australian Pharmacy Council
Association of Professional Engineers, Scientists and Managers, Australia
Committee of Pharmacy Schools
National Australian Pharmacy Students' Association
Pharmacy Board of Australia
Pharmaceutical Defence Limited
Pharmacy Guild of Australia
Pharmaceutical Society of Australia
Society of Hospital Pharmacists of Australia