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FIP and Partners Launch the PPE Campaign Website

The launch of the Positive Practice Environments (PPE) Campaign website was announced today by campaign partners - the International Council of Nurses, International Hospital Federation, International Pharmaceutical Federation, World Confederation for Physical Therapy, FDI World Dental Federation and the World Medical Association. Our site is your portal to PPE resources, tools and events. Visit www.ppecampaign.org to learn and share expertise to improve practice environments.

The PPE Campaign aims to improve work environments, staff recruitment and retention and quality of health services through the development of positive practice environments. Positive practice environments are settings that ensure the health, safety and personal well-being of staff, improve the motivation, productivity and performance of individuals and organisations, and thus support the provision of quality patient care. PPEs include professional recognition, effective management practices, staff support structures, educational opportunities and occupational health and safety.

The PPE Campaign website will play a key role in addressing the ongoing underinvestment in the health sector, the shortage of health care professionals and the deterioration of health care professionals working conditions worldwide, threatening care delivery and patient outcomes. PPE activities aim to raise awareness, identify good practice, develop tools for managers and health professionals and carry out concrete national demonstration projects to improve practice environments. Campaign activities are already underway in Morocco, Uganda and Zambia. The PPE Campaign is open to all countries, health organizations and health disciplines.

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