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Global Conference on the Future of Hospital Pharmacy Successfully Completed

Hospital pharmacists from around the world met recently in Basel, Switzerland and successfully developed 74 consensus statments reflecting the profession's preferred vision of practice in the hospital setting. The Global Conference on the Future of Hospital Pharmacy was hosted by the FIP Hospital Pharmacy Section as part of the 68th FIP Annual Congress of FIP.

A total of 348 registrants representing 98 nations met on 30 and 31 August to develop and endorse the list of goals and objectives. Following two days of debate and discussion, all of the consensus statements  were approved by the assembled delegates. The statements cover all areas of the medicine use process in hospitals, including the procurement of medicines, preparation and distribution, prescribing, administration of medicines and the monitoring of patient outcomes. In addition, issues related to human resources and training were addressed. Medication safety was  an important consideration in all consensus statement development.

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