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Tuberculosis Awareness Campaign on 24th March by Indian Pharmaceutical Association’s Students’ Forum

Indian Pharmaceutical Association (IPA), the premier professional association of pharmacists in India has been working in area of Tuberculosis which is a major health problem for the country. IPA has been innovative in involving retail pharmacists in community awareness of TB & has successfully carried out TB Fact Card project in Mumbai . IPA is also leading the way to involve retail pharmacists in national health programme (RNTCP) of the Government & developing model of DOTS Provider Pharmacists .Now IPA , has come up with another model to create awareness in the community & it is by involving pharmacy students as Community Educators. Under the leadership of President Mr Subodh Priolkar & Hon.Secretary Mr S D Joag ,IPA has recently formed Students Forum, a national level association of pharmacy students under IPA.IPA –SF has several objectives & one of the main objectives is involving pharmacy students in community health activities & thus contributing to the improvement of the community health.

Tuberculosis Awareness campaign by IPA-SF on World TB Day,24th March,marks the beginning of IPA-SF’s community health activities . Students are our real strength & IPA plans to increase its community outreach activities through this large pool of the enthusiastic budding pharmacists ,informed Mrs Manjiri Gharat Hon. Secretary of Community Pharmacy Division of IPA . IPA –SF students reached out to the community in various parts of Mumbai, & Navi Mumbai & delivered the talk about the disease, its symptoms, its prevention, treatment, Governments DOTS programme.The students also distributed informative material on TB .These students have been trained by Mumbai District TB Control Society officials Dr Rasalkar & Dr Naik.

Students reached out to factory workers, construction workers, Municipal Corporation school children & residential complexes. At each place they received excellent response & each place people curiously asked plenty of queries which were well satisfied by these “TB educators”
IPA SF coordinators Karvin Mehta ,Manish Rathi & entire team of 50 students has worked hard to organize this activity on 24th March & are determined to carry it through the year as on-going activity. Thus this first attempt of IPA-SF to conduct public health campaign was highly successful & has encouraged students to work enthusiastically on consistent basis & carry it to a national level.

Manjiri S Gharat
Hon.Secretary,Community Pharmacy Division,Indian Pharmaceutical Association