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FIP and WHO Launch Handbook on Developing Pharmacy Practice – A Focus on Patient Care

Geneva – On 21 November 2006 the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) in collaboration with the World Health Organization’s (WHO) Department of Medicines Policy and Standards launched the first edition of an introductory handbook entitled Developing pharmacy practice – A focus on patient care.

The handbook is the result of years of cooperative work between the two organisations in response to a growing awareness of the increased professional and ethical demands on pharmacists around the world. Historically grounded in the manufacture, supply, and dispensing of medicines, pharmacists are now emerging from the traditional stereotypes as integral members of the health care team, capable of providing pharmaceutical care and knowledge-based services to ensure optimal patient outcomes, all the while preserving the unique attributes of the pharmacy profession.

Developing pharmacy Practice – A focus on patient care was developed to help all pharmacists enrich their professional services to meet the global needs of increasing health demands; to understand and explain a rapidly expanding consortium of drug therapies; and to contribute to a multi-disciplinary team dedicated to comprehensive patient care. The handbook describes the role of the pharmacist as it should be adopted in all manner of practice and geographical setting, and defines “good pharmacy practice”, presenting a step-wise approach to pharmaceutical care by which all pharmacists may directly influence effective, rational and safe medication use, and therefore successful health outcomes.

Pharmaceutical care services reflect contemporary thinking on the role of pharmacists in health care systems. This handbook serves as a timely and accessible resource for pharmacists, educators and students worldwide to develop collaborative patient centred services and skills to meet local patient needs.

Developing pharmacy practice – A focus on patient care is available in electronic and hard copy formats, soon to be in both English and French.

For more information, please contact publications@fip.org or visit http://www.who.int/mediacentre/news/new/2006/nw05/en/index.html to download the handbook in full.